The Coronavirus Apartheid

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Hey Jessceptics

I recently went to the shop, and I was refused entry for not having a mask, it was a mild inconvenience, and I know people have good intentions and are just following orders because they are scared. But that's the same thing the Nazis said during the holocaust, or the boeremag said about apartheid. I don't want to compare any of these to the virus, but I do think it a slippery slope when we see how our rights stripped from us.

Bretton Woods, removing currency from the gold standard was supposed to be a temporary measure. It never returned, because there is nothing more permanent like a temporary government measure, that gives them more power.

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Free to choose

We can debate about the virus all we want, where it comes from or what we believe, cool that's great but I honestly don't care that much. What I do care about is our right to choose.

If you are scared for your family and friends, you should wear a mask, social distance, bla bla. If you don't you shouldn't need to, why is one right better than another? If we as humans aren't free to choose and also bare the consequences of our actions, then how do we expect to learn from anything or grow.

We told we free, special, diverse but we all want to conform to any authoritative figure? I don't believe in that; people should be allowed to choose. If a shop doesn't wasn't want to serve non-masked people, they should have the choice, but also customers should have the option to go somewhere they are treated better.

This may seem like a stretch, but what if this is a precursor to not serving the so-called vaccinated, what if I stopped serving people with cancer, immigrants, why are those classifications off the table? They're not, its all arbitrary and they're making it up as they go along.

Do we live in a world where a government knows what's best for every individual over themselves? If that's the case, they should be telling us who is allowed to drive, work, procreate, it makes no difference then, we're just pawns in an elitists game, and I think that's the biggest worry and greatest crime.

Creating a new villain in the virus

We've been polarised by gender, race, religion, colour, creed and social class for so long and there was a cohesion to an extent but the more cohesion, the worse it is for governments to exert influence, they need dismay and issues to survive.

Do you not see regardless of the virus stats that governments are enjoying a jubilee of power right now? Setting the rules and forcing compliance, anyone thinking otherwise is vilified and we're creating a new form of apartheid.

For example, I think since I look after myself, I need to know personal protection and if I do die, guess what? Like any other human on the planet, I have no control over when I die, we all don't! I think we tend to forget that. If your maker calls and your time is up, you answer, its just a fact of life. So I say live and let live.

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Freedom is prosperity

If you look at the economic freedom of the world report for 2019 you'll see that even though countries all have government intervention the ones with the least amount, in terms of regulation have the better more natural spread of income, quality of life and economies.

You see economies and people are living interconnected things, shocking, I know. Each time you throw in a rule, you remove self-regulation and for every action comes an equal and opposite reaction. This is why governments do more harm than good as they get bigger. They're meant to provide oversight not actual influence and force on the people.

Here's another shocker, did you know people have the ability to take care of themselves and know what's right for themselves? If more people do that guess what you have? A thriving world!

Governments create disabilities

Governments create these disabilities through heir misuse of policy and power and inflict it on us through fiat and taxation and then tell us the problems they cause can only be fixed through them getting bigger. You see governments want to get bigger like any company and if no one is regulating them, they get out fo hand. So how can you regulate something when it has access to all the money?

You take it away, of course, you can create money, but you also need suckers to believe in it. If we can move away from that, we take back a lot of our freedoms.

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What do you good people of STEEM think? Is the Coronavirus splitting people?

So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, comment "I am a Jessie."

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Went to my bike shop yesterday to get a spare tube. Bought a new rear view mirror while there as well. While they were putting the mirror on the bike had a look round the shop and noticed a previously $240 bicycle helmet marked down to about $150. Picked it up to check it out and asked why it was so costly.

Before answering my question the guy not working on my mirror said, "Due to the covid virus could you please just look at items and not touch them?" To which my reply was, "An apparently healthy young man as yourself should be more concerned about nuclear proliferation than the flu."

The helmet was returned to the rack and another bicycle shop will be saught out as my bike shop.


The problem is is that it's not just about him. I've always had the habit of having to feel the produce I buy so I know it's firm, a firm head of lettuce will last for weeks compared to loose leaf stuff, I usually buy a softer ripe looking tomatoes to use right away but firmer less ripe looking to use a week or so later, same with about most vegetables, if they are soft and squishy they'll tend to rot before I use them. The problem is I know I washed my hands but other people don't know that, just like they don't know if you sneezed on your hand before you came to the store. It's not just yourself you are taking into consideration it's others. Just look at the story of the woman who hadn't left her house in three weeks and tested positive for covid. Come to find out before she isolated herself at home she went to the pharmacy, they traced the infection back to her touching the keypad at the pharmacy.

Can you imagine for a minute that you touched that product not knowing you had covid then someone else came along and got it....the man's shop would be highlighted all over the news then everyone would be afraid to go to his shop. I know the chances are slim but that doesn't make it non existent. Then do a worse case scenario or one of those "you'd know it was just my type of luck" situations and the person who bought the product died...can you imagine if he had a camera in his shop and they trace the infection back to you having your face plastered all over the eleven o'clock news. Surely it's not what you'd ever figure for your fifteen minutes of fame. But weird shit like that happens all the time. Now your the town villain who managed not only to ruin a man's business but you killed someone....that's all people are going to remember.

For me I think I finally figured out how to solve my issue of squeezing vegetables....I am going to use one of the plastic bags they have available for placing your produce least I'll be able to eat my veggies in relative ease as I surely do consider myself to be one of those people where it would "just be my luck" to close down a major retailer and cause the death of someone and finally manage in my life to get my fifteen minutes of fame on the eleven o'clock news.


Well one must ask why now? People have been dieing from the flu since Christ was a cowboy. The numbers have finally been drilled down in my provence. We have had 51 covid related deaths in a provence of 1,000,000-ish. 45 of those deaths were from one old age home in the capital where occupants shared rooms.

So regardless of the fact that they should have sealed off the old age home and left the provence open let's see how bad the plandemic really was.... well judging from my 1970's high school math is would be something like...

(51/1,000,000)x100=0.0051% death rate per capita population. Although it has not been doubled checked my guess is that it is less than those killed in traffic accedents.


Exactly I feel the same way you do and we have every right, just like they have every right to turn away my business. I would be more worried about not having customers, a store, a job than a passing pathogen, I, unfortunately, have no sympathy you make your decision to believe what you want and should bare the consequences.


Exactly I feel the same way you do, we both have the right to decide how we see the situation no ones is superior. I would personally be more worried about not having customers than actively pissing off the ones you're getting. The shop won't be there very long with that attitude, but hey people need to feel the consequences of their actions and for that I have no sympathy