When is This Corona Virus Party Gona End? - Enjoy with Troy!




A Party Without Entertainment.

This is the longest party I ever attended.

Does anyone know when this Corona virus party is going to end? There's no appetizers and not even a piano player to croon a tune. And I certainly don't need another Corona beer buzz.

I miss playing piano and singing for music gigs. No one is hiring for party entertainment. I missed worshiping at church and even going out to dinner. The local restaurant probably forgot who I am. So too my local dentist.

And Forget Meeting a Woman

And I sure can't find a girlfriend as long as there's a virus out there! 6 feet away it's hard to hug or kiss. Cupid is not happy and neither am I. I guess it's a lonely old world when you're at a social distancing coronavirus party!

This Can't Be The New Normal For Parties!

I wasn't ready to retire... Neither do I want to live my life alone. This Corona virus has corrupted my life... liberty and pursuit for happiness.

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LOL :) Guess this party is just started :)