How a Partner Can Enter UK

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The UK Unmarried Partner Visa enables the unmarried spouse to enter or stay in this Nation because they are in a partnership with a person present and settled in the United Kingdom. Settled in the United Kingdom means citizens are normally born in the United Kingdom with no visa limitations on the duration of their stay. The UK Unmarried Partner Visa extends to both heterosexual and same-sex couples so that individuals can show that their partnership has lasted for two years or longer. If their unmarried partner visa application is approved they will be able to work in the UK as soon as the visa is issued.

Eligibility Requirements:

• Candidate and sponsoring partner must be 18 or older.
• Applicant and their partner must have a permanent plan to live together.
• The applicant must demonstrate that any prior relationship in which they or their partner is involved has ended.
• Individuals ought to show that they have lived with their partner in a relationship close to marriage for at least two years. They'll have to provide documentary evidence to confirm that.
• Applicant and their partner must have enough money to support themselves without public funds being claimed.
• To be able to sponsor them, their unmarried GBR or settled partner must be earning at least £18.600 per annum or savings. If children are also sponsored as dependents then the financial requirement will rise.
• Individuals must have adequate housing for themselves, their family and any dependants.
• They must also meet the requirements of the English language.

Initially, the unmarried partner's visa will be issued for a term of 33 months or 30 months if they apply from within the UK. A further extension to take people to five years will be obtained for an additional 30 months. If they have been on a spousal probationary visa for five years, they will be able to apply for an Indefinite Leave to stay in the UK if they are still residing with their UK partner and will continue to fulfil the maintenance criteria.

If people want to enter the United Kingdom-based on their relationship with a settled person, they must apply for entry clearance before entering the UK. It is possible to transfer to an Unmarried Partner Visa when they are in the United Kingdom provided that people have left to live here on a visa issued for more than 6 months. Please notice that if people are already in the UK and were originally admitted to the UK for less than six months, they cannot move to the Unmarried Partner visa category-for example, as a tourist or as a short-term student.

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