A visit to Grand Behria Town Masjid ,Lahore


A visit to Grand Behria Town Masjid ,Lahore
Hy friends aaj me aap k saath apne aik yadgar tour k kuch tasaweer aap se share krne ja raha hon jo kuch din pehle me ne apne friends k sath kia tha.School me summer k vacation then hum friends ne is ko ghanemat jante hue Lahore k tour k plan bania.Lahore k tour k doran three spot visit krne k lye select kia jin me

  1. Safari family park or Rana resort park

  2. Grand Masjid Behria Town lahore

  3. Darbar Hazrat Data Gunj Baksh lahore

Hum park me visit k bad Grand Bahria Town Masjid ponche.


Masjid boht h khoobsort or kushaada the ,Safai k behtreen intazam tha,washroom k safai or wazookhana k boht h mesali tha .Building ka design boht h dilkash tha.


Meehrab ko deekh kr dil khush ho jata tha .Masjid total air conditioner the.Garmi k shiddat k bawajood cooling ka ehsas ho raha tha.


Yakeenan hum is jaga pe aa kr boht h skoon mehsoos kia or hum hue k hum ne apni zindgi me atni piari or khoobsort Masjid ko deekha.
Kuch tasweer yadgar k tor pe me aap k saath share kr raha hon.




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