calibration tunnel - fractal flight HD

9개월 전

calibration tunnel - a 3D fractal flight

reference music: Debussy, Arabesques No.1, Andantino con moto

3D flight through chaos and order exploring the beauty of fractal math

visual animation by @elgeko 100% original content

FullHD - royalityfree - stockfootage - stockmaterial

rendered with mandelbulb3D, coloring tweaked with After Effects

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100 % original content created and produced by @elgeko


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Hi @elgeko, i would like to share with you this quote from Zach Blas... i am a newcomer in the blockchain.


And I would like to ask you these questions:

Do you think that this network is fair?
How do you make so much money?
(I want to learn.)


Hi @enbyx I want to answer your question. First of all we have to compare how fair centralized solutions like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, are compared to decentrlized solutions. How much money did you make with facebook, twitter, instagram, reddit? Do these apps watch every keystroke in realtime to profile you, officially to deliver perfectly tailered Advertizing in front of your nose ? Do they censor opinions if they do not fit in some big players political scheme ? All these centralized orwellian brainwash really sucks compared to the future of decentralized communication. The Steem Community tries for the first time to break free of organized data-profiling, break free from censorship and infiltrated brainwash embedded into our Feed. We are the ringing bell for the future - organized and controlled by the crowd/Stakeholders. To answer your Question: Yes it is a honest network, you can go and look at my wallet and see that I bought a lot of promotion from upvotebots for these posts because I want them to be seen and also because I invested more Steem recently and instead of just powering upmy investment, I use a portion of it to promote my posts. These post with 190$ payout have an average effective payout of about 5$, the rest is from what I invested into promotion. STEEM is far from being perfect, but once you realize that Facebook,Google,... suck big time, wash your brain 24/7 in a way, that you maybe do not even recognize you maybe love Steem apps. It is not only about making money, but also your freedom of speech, your way to be anonymous if you like, a community not abused with centralized brainwash and influencial info warfare propaganda. I am here because Fakebook,Google are orwellian surveilance tools to watch your every step and I dont want to be any part of that Idiocrazy!

Steem is the best way to come in touch with crypto, the best example of how it could be, if all sheeple would refuse this centralized big corps brainwash and permanent profiling, surveilance grid and pushing specific stories as a propaganda tool. Google knows more about you than you, I really dont like that perspective, thats why I am here with several accounts.
We are not there yet at Zach´s vision, but we come closer every day. It is not all fair and alot of people try to just make a quick bug by abuseing the platform either with spam or plagiarised pictures and by using profitable slot in the bitbotplace with plagiarist content. It is a long and hard road, are you ready to come with us?


Great reply


Dear @elgeko, I agree with you on the general idea. Or I wouldn’t be on this platform.

As an artist, I am obsessed with questions about labor conditions, the artist's precarity and alternative production/distribution processes. I think that centralized networks seriously damage the cultural productions and exploit people by surveilling, censoring and selling users’ data. This is an unbearable situation. I don't consent to this control over my life and art. Furthermore it is true that refusing to take part in these networks produces a real (and not only a « virtual ») form of social exclusion. (The on-/offline borders are irrelevant, but that’s another story.) The problem is that this exploitation is a self-exploitation issue. This knowledge is based on several personal experiences of refusal/withdrawal.

I thank you for sharing your thoughts, because social change can happen only through solidarity and cooperation.

You say that it is honest because I "can go and look at your wallet…". This is true. But the reality is that it is very difficult to understand the information. Who has access to these tools and knowledges? Who is able to orientate themselves in the network? Maybe you feel, by reading between the lines, my anger and radical position.

The future of decentralized networks will happen only with the inclusion of minorities.

Thank you for sharing the link about the « bitbotplace » But I get totally lost! (I am not saying that being lost is « bad ».) I understand that one needs to be seen to survive on this platform. Like In Real Life. This is done by playing with numbers. How liberating can our DIGITal life be? Are you ready to calculate your life?

I invite you, dear @elgeko, to follow me, and upvote my previous posts @enbyx <3

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Art Is Like a Breathing Rhythm
Warm wishes,

Epic,,, seeing this on a 60 inch on a treadmill is like inspiration in a capsule, beautifully done



Ahh~ this one was so peaceful. Reminded me of a transcendent underwater structure, or similar to your title, a mass of data in physical form somehow.

Also can I say I LOVE your baddass wizard man dude image it looks awesome and I never got a chance to remember to say how much I love it !

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Another great job @elgeko

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Congratulations @elgeko!
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Awesome ... love it!

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