"Welcome VIT.Global" Steemmonster Tournament on Wednesday October 30, 2019

4개월 전


To celebrate the recent launch of our Steem Tribe site, VIT.Global, the VIT Media Team is hosting a Steem Monsters Tournament on Wednesday, October 30th. 20K VITP will be given away as rewards, with the tournament winner rewarded with 5k VITP.

Join the tournament at the link below. Good luck to all players!

Welcome VIT.Global Steem Monsters Tournament

About Vision Industry Token

The easy to use cryptocurrency that pays people to consume media online. Content creators and content curators are rewarded with VIT for publishing and consuming media through any website integrated with the VIT blockchain.

VIT Blockchain Integrated Sites (NSFW)
Tube Site: Touch.Tube
Social Site: Touchit.Social

Steem Tribe (NSFW): VIT.Global
VIT Global powered by VITP peg token. Pegged 1:1 with VIT. Swap VIT:VITP at Steem Engine

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Good luck with the tournament:)

You should sponsor to have your own splinterlands card that would be cool something like the VIT Vixen or something :P


That sounds pretty cool to me.

Really good news