It's Like Uber and Airbnb; But For Your Computer.

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When you try to imagine the future of finance, what comes to your mind? Try it for a few minutes.

Did you find any goodies in it for you?

The future of finance wants to provide a DIGITAL currency without all the volatility of cryptocurrencies.

The future of finance harnesses the power of digital currencies, blockchain ledgers and real world value sources to implement a complete financial system, unchained to the political vagaries of any specific nation. This is capable of providing significant recurring income for all of the individuals that participate.

How Can I Earn A Recurring Income On The Blockchain?

It's pretty simple and all you need is the computer you're currently reading this post with.

Did you know that when your computer is idle (or mostly idle from normal use), there is a lot of wasted processing power that never gets used? All that the VIVA network does is to take advantage of the unused resources on your computer and put it to work solving complex calculations, processing transactions, and providing services to the VIVAconomy (VIVA Economy). Now you do not need to bother your head about how these complex calculations are being solved.

When you agree to cede unused computing resources from your computer to the VIVA network, you are converting your computer into a worker node. You can think of it as using your computer as an employee that you put to work. All worker nodes receive their pay directly into their VIVA liquidity pool account.

What's A Liquidity Pool Account?

The principle purpose of the VIVA Liquidity Pool is to provide each and every Vivo (a user of VIVA) a longterm financial asset that can guarantee them a sustainable living wage.

A Vivo's liquidity pool account can be set to one of two modes: compounding mode and withdrawal mode.

When in compounding mode all dividends and awards are used to increase the Vivo's stake in the global liquidity pool. Like a traditional retirement account, this balance is compounded daily and with time will convert itself into a sizable asset.

When in withdrawal mode dividends are directly deposited into the Vivo's current account along with a target daily income. This money can and should be spent.

For example, the present target is $5.30 per hr. Or 24 VIVAcoins per day.
Dividends in retirement mode are paid first and then your account is drawn by the remainder. In this way you always have an income you can rely on and basically everyone sees about the same amount daily for life if they've been compounding for 10 years or more. If the dividends exceed the target then they are used to buy back into the LP to offset future dry spells. This target amount is set once a week by Crown Holders. This works out to about $127.20 per day and you get this so long as you are active in the system and it pays daily until your liquidity pool balance is too low to support you anymore. The reason for using this system is to give Vivos a useful amount of money daily without making anyone uber rich. Also it dramatically reduces any incentive for hoarding since 10 years of daily compounding on a couple of dollars daily should net about a 30 year draw down. This works out to $3862/mo or $46.3k annually.

How To Turn Your Computer Into A Money Mint And Earn $127 Everyday

You simply add a lightweight, and isolated application that runs in the background to your computer, and you have just turned it into an employee in the VIVAconomy that constantly earns you money. The application is isolated in its own container (separated away from your personal data).

This is the simplest way for you to become a part of VIVA.

Did I see you dusting off all the old computers scattered around the house? LOL! Don't be shy, it's very much allowed.

So if you want to monetize your laptop with VIVA just as you have done your car with UBER and your house with Airbnb, hurry and sign up here before the ICO on May 1st.

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Thanks a lot for your valuable article. It was new to me but learned a lot.

Great job! Now, it is time to share this one far and wide! Thanks for the great information. Namaste :)


Thanks 😊. I'm just doing my bit to help.

Yes let's share this far and wide! Everyone needs to know about it.

This is an excellent and well thought out article, upvoted, resteemed and I'm following you now. BTW current target on VIVA is $5.50 so that daily income number has gone up slightly.


Thanks for the kind words, the resteem and for the follow!

I could just edit the article to add that (the current target changes and that any value given is only an example)? Good enough?

Will check it out.
Thanks for sharing & bringing this to our attention.


You're welcome!

Very nice breakdown of one of main differences of VIVA from other crypto projects. Thanks for the concise overview!


You're welcome. I think every project means different things to different people and all it takes for someone to catch on is to find an aspect that appeals to them.

It's my thinking that if these aspects can be broken down and explained individually, the target audience would see and notice more clearly.


I agree. Bite size pieces are less intimidating. Add in a facet thats relevant and easy for folks to use... and onboarding will be swift.

Well done!


Wow! I'm glad you like it. Anything for the team!

Thanks for the layman's explanation. I am very interested in this project and have allocated some assets towards it!


Great! Have you registered? If not, you could use the link in the post.

How do I install a worker program on my computer to get VIVAcoins ?
Also do I have to already own VIVAcoins to start making making money everyday from it?


The worker program will be available post ICO.
@williambanks will answer your other question better.

EDIT: As per your other question, yes you'll need to own VIVA coins before you can start making money everyday from it. I have a post scheduled on it to explain better and will provide the link here once it's up.

EDIT - here you go

Great Article. Who couldn't use $127 a day!?


:) who wouldn't? lol


what is required really to make 127$ a day?


I will be putting up a post to explain this better and i'll put the link here once it's up.

EDIT: here you go

@fisteganos - I saw this on the Facebook feed and hopped over to Steemit to give love to this amazing article. Thank you so much for explaining it so well!


Oh wow! It's on Facebook too? I'm just excited to be a part of this and I hope to do more!

Hey, I might be mistaken here, but I didn't find the link to download the application anywhere. I did sign up however.

Will the application be available for download after the ICO ?


Yes you're right. the application will be available post ICO.


Thank you for the reply :)

your post is very good, I am a new user does not intend to beg but I just mengingikan the support of friends and seniors where you first tried to earn money in the virtual world, help me, may God avenge goodness you guys, share my post maybe with so I'm more excited and routine to continue in multiply my post

Nice concept, but will prefer to join ur chat on telegram messenger. If you have one already please share link. Thanks


Thanks but the only place we hangout for now is in

It wouldn't take much to join us there i promise :) There are many more people waiting to answer any question you have.