Diary October 29, 2018 - Lost Without Internet and Surprise Prizes.

2년 전

The Day My Internet Died! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!

I'm going to try to do daily videos talking about life, Steem and the Universe. In my last video I held a contest asking what a strange old object was. The answer is inside! And surprises for all who commented.

I also talk a little about tomorrow's Curation Corner and our guest @xcountytravelers. Should be a fun show!!

Until next time friends...

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Thank you for my SBI!!
the job cleaning sounds horrible......sorry to hear that.
Missed your voice this morning.

Ah, so cool, that little lighter! 😁
Sadly, I will miss the show with @xcountytravelers tomorrow, too, because I am helping a friend pack up her house for a move.

I am interested in real life with video... Thank you for this!!!

@artemisnorth, you're such an amazing host that it's difficult to imagine a week without you and your voice. Internet was lousy at my side too and i hope to catch up with you very soon.

Best wishes!

well that brings new meaning to trolling ... have to keep that in mind

lol happy new year, Erm It's Halloween

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