Woman attacked a 19-year-old girl, abusive news from neighbor country

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India is regarded as the world's rich capital, whose capital is badly regards women's crimes against women worldwide. Now a new case has come out of the same case, in which a woman combined with her colleagues, targeted a 19-year-old girl for abusive abuse.
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According to the Indian TV News 18, the new Delhi has presented a unique incident of abusive abuse with a young girl. A woman named Shivani combined with her colleagues Rohhat and Rahul, massacre a young girl for several months. The police have arrested the suspect along with the accused, who is accused of keeping the girl in custody.

The victim said that the first incident was abducted in March 2018. The girl told her that she took a flat in Dalshad Colony in Dalog Delhi, where she abused her and made her video blackmail. The girl said that a young woman with the suspect used to abusive her sex toys. 'Nobody forced me to rap a woman who used to rap me, but she used to do this for my patience, I want both men to be punished with the suspects.'
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During the investigation of the case, it also came to notice that a young girl was abducted for some time, after which she was also sent to the customers for her bodybuilding. Whenever it was sent to a customer before being abused by the accused in the flat, it was prepared for the customer.058de8a8e1a89ce37ebc7ea9ca417fec.jpg058de8a8e1a89ce37ebc7ea9ca417fec.jpg

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