I drank RAW MILK before my hot yoga class and this happened...

2년 전


Today was my first yoga class in a month. On top of that it was hot yoga inside of a 90+ degree room. Before class I drank a glass of raw milk with three raw eggs.


I start off the #video by talking about #rawmilk & #raweggs, then I drink them both on camera for you to see. Followed by a massive #bongrip before I leave the house for #hotyoga. Next we move onto talk about how your own mind sometimes may play tricks on you. I then manage to get on the topic of emojis as an actual language. After the yoga class I recap how it went and explain why raw milk is the perfect post-workout drink. Next I added in a short clip of me explaining what a #dolphinpushup is and how to do it. Following are my final words on raw milk consumption, then I show off my #diy recording setup. There are also three songs playing in the background throughout the vlog.

Be sure to watch the whole video, because I have packed it with all sorts of special content.


The songs I used for the video are :

”Warlordz” feat. Skrillex by : Troy Boi

”The Lost Voices” feat. Clozee by : Little Fish

“Lone Wolf” by : CloZinger


Do you have a healthy balance of physical activity and diet?
Comment below if you have any questions about raw milk or yoga.


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