The Steemit Ibadan meetup Video and Selfie frenzy. What better way to end a successful meetup.

3년 전

After the meetups, we get the video, contact exchanging and selfie frenzies and you cannot but love these moments. Who wouldn't? It is to Steem for!

I think I am on point to say, I enjoy these moments because there ia none elae like it yet.

I Feel Blessed!

I promised pizza and pizza I delivered
IMG_20180224_211524.JPGAnd there was cake too.IMG_20180224_191313_2.jpg
@Adejoke16 delivered the PizzaIMG_20180224_171320_7.jpgIMG_20180224_191845_0.jpgIMG_20180224_190133_8.jpgIMG_20180224_185924_3.jpgIMG_20180224_185832_6.jpgIMG_20180224_185758_8.jpgIMG_20180224_185311_6.jpgIMG_20180224_185223_1.jpgIMG_20180224_184809_0.jpgIMG_20180224_183431_9.jpgIMG_20180224_183250_1.jpgIMG_20180224_171202_0.jpg

Steemit is all about creating moments and whenever I can, I delve into these moments and really enjoy it.

Make the world a better place for someone today!

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I read about the whole things sir and it was such a big miss. I hope @tojukaka told you I lost an uncle and was informed of the sad news when I was almost departing for Ibadan. I thank God it was such a huge success.

@eurogee of @euronation community

Haha I can relate.. Those mad scrambling moments for taking selfies😂😂

It was definitely a day of memories, a day to remember here @Steemit Ibadan meet-up with so many people you never thought you'd see.
It was fun, it was educative and awesome.

So unfortunate for me not to make it to the meet up , but i believe my guy from Lautech ogbomoso will give me the full update tomorrow @honourmaus and @lizbethk and others. Well done guys, sky is the starting point for steemit community.

I missed the meet up due to some circumstances. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves?

I had mad fun yesterday. That was an awakening speech delivered by you @ejemai , can't wait to see @stach hub in ibadan, and thanks for the pizza too

Oh, i missed, please when is it coming up in abia, or any of the eastern region?

It was a great time with everyone today. Nice meeting you.

looking like 50 cent dude!

Thanks @ejemai for what you're doing for the Steemit in Nigeria community. Your inputs cannot be quantified. God bless you for us.

Wow... I guessed I missed alot

It’s really great meeting you in person yesterday, my steemit Dad

Thanks so much for the pizza @ejemai...It was indeed an amazing time.


Smiles. Your presence is as well appreciated. It was all fun and learning with everyone today. Nice meeting you ma

Steemit is love, twas a fun filled event

Wow such amazing moments in pictures, I know one word for this, fun!

Sir @ejemai, it was a very great opportunity that I had meeting you. I learned a while lot of things.

On to the next speaker, @ejemai. Ejemai was a very great man from Portharcut. He talked about #STACH, an hash tag I've been using right from day 1 I joined steemit. He is the visionary man behind the hash tag.

That's was an excerpt of the post I wrote about yesterday's meetup.

Here I am, with @sushie my American crush (don't mine me):

When are you coming to Akwa Ibom? I may have missed the first one if you were already here....

wonderful & fantastic!

Awnnn. Really nice. This cake is looking really sumptuous! #smacklips thanks for sharing @ejemai

These events are getting better and well attended. They definitely come to see you @ejemai. Think you are becoming a Steemit celebrity.