Drinking Coconut Water (Delicious and Nutritious) - Tomando Agua de Coco (Deliciosa y Nutritiva)

2년 전

Hello Steemians, I want to share with everybody this short video that I filmed in English and Spanish to show you the beneffits of drinking coconut water since it is full of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants. It is very delicios and nutritious.

If you like coconut water, let me know in the comment section! :D

Hola Steemians! Hoy les traigo un nuevo video que grabé en Español y en Inglés sobre lo beneficioso que es tomar agua de coco natural, ya que está llena de vitaminas, nutrientes, minerales y antioxidantes. El agua de coco es nutritiva y deliciosa.

Si les gusta el agua de Coco 100% Natural, diganme en los comentarios!! :D

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great video , never tried coconut water , might have to now x


Thank you very much @winchestergirl42 I am so glad that you liked the video and the water of coconut is delicious, I really think you will like it when you try it. You can also eat the fruit from inside the coconut after you finish drinking the water. :3


yes I like that bit of the coconut : )