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Dried cake - a vegetarian cake, derived from Chinese cakes are two traditional cakes in the North of Vietnam. These two types of bread are often combined, the most popular in the Han Chinese New Year on the 3rd of the third lunar year, also known as "bread cake drifting".

Raw materials :
Powder of glutinous rice sticky rice, sugar sulfate, grapefruit juice, coconut cakes, sesame (sesame) is rubbed. For vegetarian cakes add green beans, sand sugar, flour or cassava powder, a little bit of ginger to squeeze water.

How to do it :
Making bread crust
Sticky rice and sticky rice are usually at 9: 1 or 8: 2 ratio. Rice husk clean, soft soak, again vo vo again and then grind in the mill for the water to slowly. Pour the powder into drapery bag drained, then knead the powder for a smooth, smooth.

Bread rolls :
Cake: Bake the cakes in small cubes, about 2 cm in diameter.
Bread: sugar sugar cut into small squares.
Decoration: Coconut scraping; Crushed, golden roasted.
Place in the center of the dough that has been kneaded before, using two rounded hands to seal the road. Boil water well, gently drop each cake to boil over small fire, when the cake emerges is ripe. Take out the cake, drop into cold water pots for hunting and help stick, put the cake on the plate, dry the water. Sprinkle the sesame seeds (yellowed and shredded) on top of the cake or use a spatula to touch the bottom of the spoon and sesame on each cake. Can sprinkle grapefruit perfume and a few coconut shreds on top of the product to bring up the scent. Finished product. With salty drum rolls, the pancakes are made of pork, vegetables cooked in thick soup.

Making vegetarian cakes :
Casing: The casing is drifting, but the dough is molded to a slightly larger size, about 3 to 3.5 cm in diameter.
Bread: soft green peas, cured shell, steamed or cooked, exposing to puree, leaving a little retired to decorate. Stir the green peas with the sugar, then about the size of a little bit of cake on the cake.
Sugar: Brew cassava flour or flour with water mixed with sugar, with a little bit of ginger, simmer, stirring evenly until the powder is vaporized and not burned at the bottom of the pot.
Decorative materials: Similar to driftwood, can be accompanied by a little green beans steamed but not retired.

Apply thin dough and then the kernel in the middle, round to cover and press the cake a bit flat (some local does not flatten the cake from the front, but wait when the cooked cake will be in the bowl. , use a spoon slightly flat bread). Boil the cake in the boiling water, when the cake is ripe. Put the cake in the bowl, drain the sugar in the cake, sprinkle sesame seeds (yellow roasted, peeled) or sprinkle a bit of green beans steamed up, can add a little coconut fiber scrape and fragrant grapefruit for aroma.

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