Foodie#7: Review Egg Coffee- Giảng Cafe

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- "I cannot take it, I feel it sickly when you put egg into coffee, uwww, ehhhh"_ My friend said to me when I took her to the Egg coffee at 39 Nguyễn Hữu Huân, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

Have you ever heard about coffee with eggs? Could you imagine taste of the combination between fresh egg with coffee? I am sure that for foreigners, it seems funny and strange when you make that kind of drink recipe. But it really exists in Vietnam, my country.


Giảng Egg Coffee was established in 1946 with long history that you may immediately realize once you see what they mentioned on the name board. Through researching information on the internet, I' ve known that the 62 year-old owner with the curiosity in making different tastes of coffee by using daily ingredients such as fresh eggs, sugar, milk and coffee to create an amazing recipe which I have chance to try today.


Let's enter small alley of Giảng. It is really interesting to see an accient space, style and old-fashioned decoration here. From the black and white photos on the wall, the climbing plants and short tables & stools laying at 1st floor to 2nd floor.


I find it is quite crowed with both Vietnamese young students and foreigners who may be familiar with egg coffee or esle the one comes here because of wondering why can make this type of combination.


I also order for both of us 2 cups of ice egg coffee (25.000 vnd/cup - $1.1 USD), we love something cooling down the hot temperature outside.
However, after tasting we found that the one with ice cannot give us the original flavour of coffee and eggs. We decided to order another: HOT EGG COFFEE (25.000 vnd/cup - $1.1 USD). Hmm, it is exactly what we are looking forward to and totally does not taste sickly as my friend's beginning thought.



Moreover, there are a lot of option that you might love ,too. They has cacao, matcha, green bean, and beer +EGGS. But I am sure that you guys come here more for the coffee eggs, right? If you dont like coffee, peach tea, mint tea, lemon juice, lemon soda and mineral water are available served as well.


Last but not least, in my personal opinion, if you guys wanna find a peaceful space to relax, Giang cafe is not an ideal place because there are a lot of customers in and out, noisy and rush.

Stir and Stir moment


By: @quynhngan253

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It looks really creamy. I would like to try this one day :)


Yes, yummy yummy eggs on the coffee surface. :))) When will you plan to visit Vietnam? @mr-bike.


@mr-bike, about 1 month not working on steemit, I've back and found your reputation now up to 51- stronger than me. Bravo.

Great post and pics.

I haven't tried the egg coffee at Cafe Giang yet, but I will soon. I tried it at Café Phố Cổ (11 Hàng Gai) and I really liked it. It had a nice creaminess. I will see if I can make out to Cafe Giang this weekend.


Oh is it? Actually nearby Giang, there are alot of egg cafe house. I choose Giang bcs of good review on the internet and If you take time to Giảng Coffee, try the Hot Egg Coffee instead of ice one. Feeelll the creamy taste to compare with Hang Gai. :))


Café Phố Cổ has a nice seating area.

I'll try Giang and let you know.



Wow, it is really nice location with birds and bonsai ;)

I have many friends from Hanoi. Every time they go back to HCMC, they always say that they missed the favor of the egg coffee. Definitely, a must-try if I have a chance to go Hanoi.


I also took my friend @alice181 (she is waiting for confirm registration) from HCMC to try it as her request. Experienced and made this post. :)))

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