I do not remember how much sweet love

3년 전

I told him that
We have charm to love each other
It was surrounded by him to experience this pain
The heart of the promiscuous
Love a second person
Walking on the road
Then we split our two roads
It has been matched
A thousand promises
Love to spend two or three more
We separated two separated children have chosen
Picking me out hurts me again
Please love me sincerely
Fate and life
I do not remember how much sweet love
Happy people told me
Will never be away from you
I wonder how it hurts
Will bring us into the future
How long will it pass?
Walking alone, my dear
Why do you love me?
I do not need you

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ảnh tam đảo .. đi k rủ e . hị

Nguyên cây đen là biết đẹp trai rồi ạ

I see you say about much love . I hope that you will have sweet love