That happiness is inherent but far away

3년 전

At times he had to wonder
Have to stop or to let go
Wipe away the tears
I just want you to be happy
And will always be always smiling
No matter how much tomorrow
I will still be by your side
Do not cry, baby
I just want your lips to laugh
That smile gave him a lot of fun
Always care every day
You want to be like that
You are all that
I hope you will forgive me
Forget it is impossible
I'm sorry you're wrong
Based on his role
There is only regret
Only loners left
Go quietly follow him like that
Do not cry, baby
That happiness is inherent but far away
I'm sorry you're wrong
Mistake of the past days
I'm sorry you can not do it
I just want to be with you
Which is the most important thing in life
Let me hold you once

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chậu hoa giấy xinh làm sao :))

Chậu hoa đẹp quá anh ạ