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Love is the feeling of wanting to possess a fierce. When you love someone, you will want that person to stay with you forever. Whether this repressive or not, your mind is always thinking of it. You will be upset and embarrassed to see them walking with someone other than you.
But if you are eager for that person to be happy even if that person is with you or not, it is love. When you love someone, you are more responsible for the future of that person and for yourself.

If love is a strong emotional hard to express the words silent silent silence that smells in the heart. It is not just about wanting someone by your side but by knowing someone when they can not be near.

Love makes you see the warm light even in the dark. You are ready to do "crazy" things, regardless of love. For you, life is at the peak of the most brilliant happiness. But without understanding, empathy, and trust, this sentiment quickly passes away, leaving many wounds.

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