You have to control

4년 전

What about a tough girl?

Difficult to make it very difficult to pamper. What is also angry, not happy also angry. Sometimes it is too boring to do anything to make angry. So when you have a difficult girl, you have to control, even if you have to be angry and compressed in the heart. Then wait until it calms down, then apologize first.

Strange girls are often very mad. But bouts usually last a long time and may be unrestricted. Morning sun, rain afternoon, dark evening is crazy. Therefore, if you miss a difficult girl but also crazy, keep it, if you leave it alone will be deserted to catch the dog is sure.

Saying that, a difficult girl would be better. Because they know what to think, angry things that need to be angry, never jealousy without cause. If they are, they just want to be pampered by their lover. Daughter, who does not want to be feeling his lover cherish and care. Daughter who love but not jealous. Remember, girls, once jealous, are jealous. But as a man, do not let your lover get jealous of other girls.

Truthless girls are also sometimes frail. Sometimes there are times, heartbreaking and crying. So when you have hurt her, you have to love your whole heart. Really try to understand her to know that cherish, compensate her after what she had suffered. Love her as completely as possible.

Daughter once determined to love someone is to love her whole heart. No matter what anyone says, she will still choose the person she has devoted to him.

Daughter is not really difficult to understand. Just do you really want to understand?

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