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Western cuisine, just one item has "made the story". Viet Fun Travel is referring to a special dish of Westerners that have "varied" a lot of "brothers of the same type" that is bread soup. Only with the name soup, in the West there are nearly ten kinds of delicious soup. Along Viet Fun Travel to the West, "penetrating" into the field of cuisine to discover the delicious and famous cakes in the West such as pork rolls, duck bread, sliced ​​bread, shrimp soup coconut milk, crab fish soup and so on.

1. Crayfish soup with coconut milk

Probably the West, with the advantage of coconut in Ben Tre - coconut origin, so coconut milk source material almost all year round and abundant. Cake shrimp soup with coconut milk, the main ingredients are bread, shrimp and coconut milk. Choose fresh shrimp, meat, peeled, black only and use flat knife.

Then pan over hot oil, shrimp to the same spicy, stir until shrimp just ripe off the kitchen. For the shrimp to the side, continue to make the bread from rice flour to boil, when almost cooked for shrimp, then add the coconut milk and seasoning for seasoning.

Deep-fried rice cake soup with coconut milk in the West

A bowl of coconut milk cake full of white rice soup, slightly turbid white of the broth, pink shrimp and a little green dots of green onions. If you like, you can sprinkle a little pepper on it to add flavor to it.

Crayfish soup with coconut milk eat the fatty taste of coconut milk, long taste of flour and crispy fragrant shrimp flavor. Later, people "variant" added a little mushroom or a little pork in it for more rich. Take the Western Tour or go to work, remember to enjoy a bowl of shrimp soup coconut delicious delicious.

2. Cake soup in the West

These cakes are commonly found in Tien Giang and Ben Tre. The name is bread powder because of the cutting process, the bread powder is rolled thin and chopped into small strands just eat, look very eye-catching.

  • Rice is clean, soaked and then grind into powder.

  • Then put into the cloth bag to drain. Squeeze the dough on the plate, use the water to boil over flour (called powdered milk).

  • Next dough to be so that the powder is not too dry or too dull. Vo into each powder just enough to be able to laminate paste into glass bottles.

  • Then have to cleverly hold the bottle, just roll the bottle, just put the sharp knife to cut off pieces of rice flour into the pot fall into the boiling water. Longtime staff will be experienced and skillful, cut the cake for real and beautiful yarn.

The processing of rice cake powder is very sophisticated and takes a lot of time

Normally, the soup is not cooked in the West with pork, pork rolls like Trang Bang soup in Tay Ninh or crab soup in Saigon. Cake flour soup is cooked with duck meat and blood platelets and sticky plastic to create bloody delicious dishes and strange mouth.

Cake soup powder in the West has a thick paste soup, white opaque, not diluted as filter cake bread filter commonly found in Saigon. Dumplings soup is not eaten together with chili lemon fish sauce but ginger fish sauce makes the taste attractive.

Traveling to the west, especially when it comes to the two provinces of Tien Giang and Ben Tre, you will easily be tasted through this delicious food. Cake soup is no stranger to the Saigon, but with soup rice dumplings, only when you visit the countryside in the West to enjoy this dish properly.

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3. Pork rolls

Pork rolls are outside the West, the other regions are also important, but each region has a taste of taste, specific characteristics. Pork Soup Soup is very popular in the cafeteria because it is simple, easy to eat, nutritious and delicious.

A bowl of pork rolls complete with transparent fiber bread, pork tenderloin selected delicious, moderate security, so that not too long, not too crumbling, can add some sliced ​​boiled meat and eat together with lemon juice chili peppers, with a plate of raw vegetables.

A delicious, nutritious pork ribs soup in the West

What makes this dish attractive to Westerners are the big, fatty greens. The pork pieces are big, soft but not tender and still have a sweet taste. Besides, the broth has to be cooked from bone marrow to have the sweet taste of the bone rather than the sweetness of the spice. Some people carefully cook soup soup soup from vegetables and mushrooms to sweet, sticky when combined with other ingredients.

4. Crab soup with coconut water from West

Western snacks are abundant, and a dish accompanied by snakehead is a soup dish. Snake soup is different from other types of rice cake, but also made of rice flour, but not grinded by hand.

Also do not use the machine to se and cut the cake into long round. Thus, the yarns look shorter, more fat, with more pointed ends (like strands of cakes). Therefore, to make this cake takes a lot of time, very elaborate, but make up delicious yummy cake that is very strange. Biscuits are thicker than the biscuits usually seen, soft but tough.

Crab soup with coconut milk, a typical dish of the Southwest

Snakehead fish soup originated from the Central, but when it came to the West, the people of South Vietnam tasted seasoning, change a little to suit the taste of the West.

Can add a little coconut juice to make fish bowls more perfect. With many diners, just one try to enjoy this dish will never forget the delicious taste of the fish, the smell, the toughness of rice flour and the fat of the coconut milk.

5. Crab soup

According to many people, crab cake soup came from Ba Ria-Vung Tau. However, it is difficult to distinguish which pre-existing localities. Only know that, when coming to the West, enjoy a bowl of crab cakes, it is also a charm of the nearby customers when stopping in this river. The most famous crab soup is mentioned in the country of Ha Tien - Kien Giang.

The fresh green crabs of Ha Tien sea have created the brand for this sea cucumber. Fresh crab must be freshly caught, then boiled, whole or cut to the desired length of the food. Therefore, if traveling Ha Tien, have to find a special crab soup dishes of this land to a new trip to explore the uniqueness of regional cuisine.

Crab soup is famous in Ha Tien, Kien Giang

In addition to the main ingredient is crab, in the dish also has shrimp paste, pigs, mushrooms with water is cooked to match. Bake cakes of delicious crab when it is served with water from the bricks of the crab. Then, the water used aromatic, comparative and sweet taste of sea crabs.

When eating, you can pick up with lemon pepper. In Saigon, diners can also find many places to sell delicious western fish cakes. However, the taste of Western delicacies has changed slightly to satisfy the diners in the city.

6. Cake with Ben Co - Tra Vinh

In recent years, one day tourists to the West again heard a brand of bread soup "Cake Ben Do". The cakes are attached to the name of Ben Co village, Nguyet Hoa commune, Chau Thanh district, Tra Vinh. Many Western tourists or tourists to visit the West on Highway 53 in Ben Mo hamlet, or stop to enjoy the cake soup here.

To make a bowl of soup Ben Delicious, the cook needs to lean meat, parts of the pig, bread soup, some onions, pepper, fish sauce. To delicious rice cake, aromatic characteristics, in addition to spices, cookers are "thoroughly" in the process of selecting rice to make flour. Rice has to choose the type of winter rice, usually rice from the year (May) will be to the 10th season (October) used to make the cake is the best. If using new rice fiber bread will be flexible, easy to break, hard to make and eat not tough.

Ben Cau, a famous brand in Tra Vinh province

Separate the water, to be sweet and in the cook must choose the meat, bone delicious, thoroughly washed and put into the fire little fire, pick up foam continuously. Add onion and grilled onion for a sweet broth. Add seasoning pepper, salt, fish sauce to the mouth.

For the delicious soup, water is considered the most important ingredient. Lean meat, picking pig includes all parts, kidney, liver, heart ... washed, squeezed lemon salt for odor, add to the pot, add 1 teaspoon of white vinegar and boil. You do not boil the meat or the pig with the broth, as this will cause the broth to lose its characteristic flavor. When the meat and pork are boiled, cut into pieces just right.

Steam rice cakes served with vegetables and lemon chili sauce. Fish sauce must be delicious. Soft cakes, meat, sweet pigs, aromatic water, spicy pepper, fish sauce makes many people when they enjoy bread soup Ben will then remember forever. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to visit Tra Vinh, do not forget to find Ben Co to enjoy a delicious bowl of soup.

7. Duck Cake

Duck soup is very famous in Cai Lay, Tien Giang. The main ingredient of the dish is duck grass (the type of duck that is raised on the but extensive field in the West). The duck is firm, sweet and has no fat. Duck after cleansing, is rubbed with alcohol and ginger before boiling to remove the fishy smell. Boiled water is boiled, seasoned and seasoned to serve as water. Biscuits are made from rice flour, eaten during the day, cut into large strands, looking balanced with duck meat.


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