Can you believe it?

3년 전

Can you believe it? After a few years of being cold and living almost separated, my two families and my parents tried hard to get together - all because of us. Want to keep the children a "family".
When my mother asked me:

  • How do you feel?
    I was in grade 8 - 14, telling my mother:
  • I really want parents to break up and find a new happiness, parents love us? I know that I love my parents, but my parents do not come back to live together anymore
    . . .
    Do you know why I say that? For a child like me, feeling the coldness, when the hearts of two people no longer belong together, no direction, the house is like a prison, no matter what. arguing, the house is as gloomy as a prison 🙂
    And my parents broke up since then, after a few years, my father found a new happiness, and now, when I 23, my mother also find new happiness. With whom my parents really feel Feel - Love - Understand - Need.
    Two families always cheerfully laugh, free time I visit my mother, happy I passed to Dad, life is very gentle, comfortable. Children like us do not have to live in a scene where their parents are around but they look at each other and argue. No one will blame anyone, no one angry and no one must gong up to live for anyone. . . .
    So suddenly I have 2 fathers, 2 mothers, 8 grandparents - Foreign and many cousin cousins ​​^^ !!!
    . . .
    And believe me, I always thought it was the right decision in my life
    . . .
    Until the end, the goal that people are directed to is not happy with the person you love? Not the happiness next to the children, WHEN THE HAPPINESS IS THE PART OF THE LOVE YOU LOVE !!! 🙂
    And your children?
    They will be happy next to the people they love and support you, but their happiness path can not be "I am 35 years old and I am living with my parents very happy" is 🙂
    . . .
    I once told my boyfriend that:
  • If we have lived together for so long but one day you find the lady who loves me out there somewhere and not me, I just ask for you one thing immediately. Talk to me sincerely, delicately and most decently. I will not scream, not angry, do not play jealousy. Never. But if he and she found each other, but he still this year cheated on me, no love for you, do not love you, but keep you by my side, you will never accept and forgive. stuff. Why? Because you wasted your precious time. Makes me stuck with a man who does not love me, while he and his girlfriend have found each other somewhere out there, the real man of my life, you can not go Find and get to him. . . !!! You can accept your innumerable shortcomings but will never accept living with a man who has fallen in love with you, not passionate and no longer hungry.
    . . . .
    "Marriage is not a judgment and not a procedure of life, it must be the result of two souls who can not live without each other!
    So that. . .
    Love all, and let go when suffering, because we only have one life, One and One only! "1C1BCAA2-5BD0-46DF-A971-685BBB4BFD99.jpeg
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