Not just live for themselves

3년 전

I want to love you, love someone without locking each other's sky. Do not ask each other too deeply where you are, what to do. Only when you want to speak, will open your mouth because you want to respect each other.

I want to love a person, love deeply enough to hurt, enough to memorize each other, but still strong enough that when they do not need each other can let go of each other do not cling.

I want to love a person, we put ourselves in the position of each other, put ourselves in anxiety and hesitation of each other to think. We learn to live for life, for people, not just live for themselves.

I want to love you, to love someone who is strong enough for me to rely on when life is full of obstacles, give me melon in the life is too tired. Needless to say, just hugging me so quietly enough is enough to please me.
I want to love you, unobtrusive, noisy. Seriously holding hands between the people.

I just want to love you, a normal love.


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Nice read and photo. where was this taken, looks like beautiful land behind you.