There will be times when the problem is not satisfied, no longer raised

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There will be times when the problem is not satisfied, no longer raised
Meet the lucky thing not so madly screaming again
Do not mess with the new iphone
Then there will be a life of no need to try to please everyone in the galaxy
Do not inhibit hearing bad words behind
Not jealous when someone is dropping butterfly bees
Do not write tus curse or edge, hacked some damn kid anymore
It is the moment we know change to understand this life as simple as easy

Someone will say: À again chattering. Do you say so?
Oh, big enough to think of these things, but still young is not busy with the whole world of the si

Sometimes wonder, Why do women have to divorce before becoming a more confident and attractive image?
Why is it that when you love something that makes yourself worse, faded away, but should be Love is where we always radiant and beautiful.

When they broke up, they still have to work, embarrassed problems in life: Still eating, still playing, still have to worry about the children, the relationship around and all sorts of life. But on the contrary lost a concern with the person you love
Why is it that when it comes to breaking all, it becomes beautiful and powerful?

Someone to lose time to see the person next to her beautiful like that. While still in that shape, that face?
Someone to break the new try to become beautiful splendor.

Should we be together beautiful, together love, to surprise each other when in hand, not?

Uh, sure to leave each other and realize that you need to love yourself to love each other!

Uh so now I love you so much more!
Ah, we have to love ourselves, together beautiful when they are together!
Thank you! 😜8B99C681-FA8C-4C62-88C9-FA7985AB5E2E.jpeg

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When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.

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