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Love your article!

  1. Metropolis.
    Every major roadway in the metropolis was swamped with traffic.

  2. Metropolitan.
    Two-page printouts are available for all the metropolitan areas.

  3. Megalopolis
    The downside of this influx to the great megalopolis was the rise of the urban slum.

  4. Politics
    Our politics continue to shift leftward and away from its conservative groove at a pace that has defied predictions.

  5. Acropolis
    The Acropolis, in the centre of Athens, is an outcrop of rock that dominates the ancient city.

  6. Policy
    She added a rider to her life insurance policy that increased her coverage.


Good work!
Glad you like these posts!


  1. Do you really have to live in the METROPOLIS to pursue your dreams?
  2. METROPOLITAN structures like skyscrapers and towers can be an overwhelming sight for a country girl like me.
  3. New York is the largest city in the Northeast MEGALOPOLIS.
  4. This isn’t the time we talk about POLITICS.
  5. One of the places I visited when I was in Greece was the ACROPOLIS.
  6. Everything you need to know about your insurance is stated in this POLICY.

Good work!


Always thankful to you @majes.tytyty! ☺️


1.The city has become a huge, bustling metropolis.
2.Metropolitan buildings become taller than ever.
3.As the cities in the area have grown, the population of the megalopolis has greatly expanded.
4.The politics are changing slowly
5.The Acropolis dominates the city of Athens.

  1. The policy of bank is to genrate high investment with low interest rates

Good work!

I believe the policy of most banks is to steal our money. Obviously. :-(



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1 Metropolis
The metropolises i have visited are within my country.
The province of a metropolitan are fully industrialize
3 megalopolis
The Eastern Seaboard megalopolis extends from New Hampshire to Alexandria, VA.
4 politics
He made a career out of politics.
5 acropolis
The Athenian Acropolis was built for defensive purposes
6 policy
The Communist Party has a policy of returning power to the workers.


Good work!


  1. Metropolis.
    Washington D.C. is the metropolis of the United States of America, where D.C. stands for District of Columbia.

  2. Metropolitan.
    You will find the Farmers’ Market venue and the Space Needle in the metropolitan in Seattle.

  3. Megalopolis.
    In the east coast of the United States you’ll find clusters of megalopolis which is highly populated with diverse group of ethnicities.

  4. Politics.
    There are too many opposing groups in politics between the Republicans and Democrats.

  5. Acropolis.
    Yanni, the Greek composer, musician, and music producer, had perform live concert performances at the Acropolis, putting his albums on top of the billboards making him billions of dollars.

  6. Policy.
    The rich husband bought a whole life insurance policy in case he dies of terminal illness his family will be much more financially secure.


Good work!


  1. Aba is turning to a modern metropolis gradually.

  2. The Warri metropolitan is getting busier on week ends.

  3. Warri is a megapolis of Effurun, Ekpan, Udu and Iyara.

  4. The politics in my community is a very dirty game.

  5. The acropolis in Athens look much different than the ones in my place.

  6. The new policy of the government is making life difficult for everyone


Good work!

By the way, politics is ALWAYS a dirty game. Everywhere!!


  1. Metropolis:
    Here in the metropolis of Hambigger, we have among the highest rates of suicide due to the way the population is stacked on top of one another.

  2. Metropolitan:
    I'm going to dance in the center of Los Angeles Metropolitan square.

  3. Megalopolis:
    They triangulated five murders that were related throughout the six megalopolis cities.

  4. Politics:
    Corrupt politics have invaded the homes of the residents in a way that has made them stop speaking to one another.

  5. Acropolis:
    Acropolis, standing high above, is where the gods had a party.

  6. Policy:
    Who is going to be happy with the enacted policies when their way of life is going to be affected?


Good work!

Karachi is the metropolis of Pakistan.
He is a honest metropoltion.
Lodsheding is a megalopolis of Pakistan.
Our politics is not good.
Acropolis is so beautiful and very old.
Life is to short so you should soon policy of your life.


Good work!


  1. Metropolis: New York City is a metropolis of 8.17 million people, according to the most recent Census information.

  2. Metropolitan: Once she moved to the big city, she quickly embraced the metropolitan lifestyle and all of it's surroundings.

  3. Megalopolis: The storm raged for days, rampaging through the megalopolis, from Washington, DC to New York City.

  4. Politics: The corporate atmosphere and politics surrounding the upper echelon of the management is appalling.

  5. Acropolis: Like the acropolis, the city on top of the mountain glowed when viewed from the valley.

  6. Policy: The corporation's human relations department amended a policy that sexual harassment will not be tolerated in the workplace and stringent actions will be taken to ameliorate the situation through mediation and/or termination.


Good work!


  1. Metropolis
    Even if I'm not a fan of crowded places, I enjoyed visiting the metropolis of Spain.

  2. Metropolitan
    The metropolitan area of the country I visited was full of tourists.

  3. Megalopolis
    Megalopolis is like the mother of lots of cool cities which are her babies.

  4. Politics
    I've always tried to stay away from subjects like religion and politics because the opinions are always split.

  5. Acropolis
    The hotel where they spent their night, had a great view to the acropolis.

  6. Policy
    We all need to respect the policy from the place where we are working.


Good work! And I love your sentence #3. :-)


Hehe, thank you so much :)


  1. Portharcourt is a beautiful metropolis

  2. The Calabar metropolitan area welcomes a large number of tourists during the Yuletide.

  3. The traffic in megapolis cities are always very difficult to manage.

  4. My grandma never liked community politics.

  5. The new worker's policy is for the benefit of all workers.

  6. If you go to Athens, you must find an Acropolis there.


Good work!


  1. London can be seen as the richest metropolis in Europe.

  2. Metropolitan air is the worst you can breath.

  3. Milano, London and Paris are part of the european megalopolis.

  4. People do not care about politics anymore.

  5. The view we have on the acropolis is really unique.

  6. Your behaviour does not comply with the new policy of our website.


Good work!


  1. The METROPOLIS of Caracas, is an excellent shopping center.
  2. The METROPOLITAN neighborhood is very dangerous.
  3. MEGALOPOLIS are the neighborhoods of Brazil.
  4. The POLICY implemented by your dad does not convince me.
  5. ACROPOLIS, is the soul of Athens, and of the West.
  6. The POLITICS of the president of Venezuela has not had good results, we need a change.

Good work!


  1. Many modern metropolis are a composite of two or more smaller town merged together.
  2. New York Metropolitan Opera is a popular tourist destination.
  3. The future of human society lays in formation of megalopolis.
  4. Politics is a widely popular topic whenever there's an upcoming election.
  5. Last year my parents traveled to visit acropolis, of all places.
  6. Recently unveiled new government's policy have become controversial.

Good work!


  1. The city has become a huge, bustling metropolis.
  2. He is currently being held in a metropolitan correctional center.
  3. Shanghai is a thriving and robust megalopolis.
  4. War is nothing but a continuation of politics with the admixture of other means.
  5. Many tourists visit the Acropolis in Athens.
  6. They have a policy of zero tolerance for sexual harassment.

Good work!


  1. The waste management in the metropolis represents the cleanness in the country.
  2. The surroundings of any metropolitan also enjoys the perks of being with a great metropolis.
  3. Baltimore, New York, Philadelphia are the megalopolis with a good sanitation system.
  4. The mind game, the power, the man or people who governs adopt politics.
  5. The aclopolis in Athens has attracted a large amount of tourists last year.
  6. The policy related to transgender is getting day by attention from social media.

Good work!

I love this way of learning

Metropolis: the city of New York is a metropolis of 8.17 million people, according to the most recent Census information.

Metropolitan: once he moved to the big city, he quickly embraced the metropolitan lifestyle and its surroundings.

Megalopolis: the storm lasted for days, sweeping the megalopolis, from Washington, DC to New York City.

Politics: The corporate atmosphere and the politics surrounding the upper echelon of administration are appalling.

Acropolis: Like the Acropolis, the city on the mountaintop shone when viewed from the valley.

Policy: The human relations department of the corporation modified the policy that sexual harassment will not be tolerated in the workplace and strict measures will be taken to improve the situation through mediation and / or termination.


Good work!

But please make sure to follow Rule #5. Thanks.

Best vocab- ability thanks for sharing educational post.

What a cool idea! :)

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Metropolis: The light barely filtered through the leafy canopy of interlocking passages and catwalks that connected Treetopia, the great aboral metropolis of the newly re-discovered, planet ,Pluto.
Metropolitan: City employees may join the MEA - metropolitan employees association, if they desire lame representation. .
Megalopolis: New Urbanism seeks to cure traffic woes in many a great megalopolis by placing living space next to transportation hubs.
Politics: Often folks are tired of the freak show that is politics today, yet they cannot stop watching, transfixed, appalled, rubbernecking like some do a car crash.
Acropolis: The dwelling had a grand symmetry, like the columned ruins of Greece's Acropolis.
Policy: The Policy was to wear ONLY charcoal grey flannel at the gallery- the owner was Scottish so it is understandable. However this fabric proved too warm when staff was doing anything where they had to move around a lot. Which was most things in the gallery, so the policy was changed.

This is good and well explain with example

very nice for english learners

@majes.tytyty best vocabulary practice work.. Thanks for sharing

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