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  1. Substandard.
    The building inspector's certification of the new construction was determined to be substandard and must be repaired to meet specifications and certain building codes.

  2. Suburban.
    My sister moved from a suburban neighborhood about 10 miles outside the city, to being almost in the center of New York City.

  3. Submerge.
    It took The Titanic less than 3 hours to fully submerge into the Atlantic Ocean in 1912.

  4. Submissive.
    Some evangelicals believe that wives should be submissive to their husbands, which is complete nonsense.

  5. Subsequent.
    When the taxes were raised, subsequently, income levels dropped among those who were taxed the most--yet seemed to earn the least.


Good work!

As you indicate / imply, both the beliefs of most evangelicals and the tax policies of seemingly enlightened nations are utter nonsense.


  1. I disagreed with board panel in the Genesis conference this year when they called Shalini's work substandard.

  2. Now after living for years in a big city, I miss my suburban town where I was born.

  3. I submerged my white tshirt into a bucket full of water and pink dye to give it a new look.

  4. Psychopaths always seem to target submissive children.

  5. Marriage and Honeymoon sounds awesome when they happen subsequently.


  1. A class action law suit was filed against the landlord as many of his tennants had suffered in substandard living conditions resulting from his refusal to follow up on building maintenance and repair requests over the years.
  2. The young couple wanted to start a family so they put their inner city apartment up for rent and moved into their new 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom suburban home.
  3. According to IP rating specifications I can submerge my mobile phone for a period of up to 30 minutes and maintain full functionality.
  4. The dog behaved in a very submissive manner, indicating to it's new owner that it may have been mistreated by someone.
  5. Interest will be paid every subsequent month until the investor withdraws the initial investment amount.


  1. The customer was not happy with the look of product, as he feel that the product looks like substandard item.
  2. Suburban areas are less populated then the main city.
  3. Submerge the rice into water before cooking, and it will take less time to cook.
  4. The manager give the instructions to the floor supervisor to make a list of submissive workers.
  5. You must follow the subsequent operations need to perform during the heat treatment of the job otherwise you will not able to get desirable properties.

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  1. substandard

    The use of substandard materials would jeopardize the integrity of the proposed infrastructure and it will be catastrophic.

  2. suburban

    I preferred residing in a suburban community rather than in downtown because it is much comfortable in there.

  3. submerge

    During the typhoon, most parts of the city were considerably submerged in water due to heavy rains.

  4. submissive

    I always choose the follower who once in a while criticize my doing rather than a submissive one who doesn't care if I am doing right or wrong.

  5. subsequent

    On subsequent meet-ups, I find to admire her even more and know her even better. I think I already liked her.


  1. I have complained about the use of substandard materials during the renovation of my bathroom.
  2. I will never live in a suburban house since I don’t like driving in traffic.
  3. My son loves to submerge a submarine when taking his bath.
  4. I have a submissive dog, he always listens to me when I ask him to come.
  5. Once her last exam completed, her subsequent task is to find a job.


  1. The use of substandard building materials resulted in the collapse of the 20 storey hotel five years after it was completed, claiming the lives of 50 guests and employees.
  2. In order to reduce his rental cost, the carpenter relocated his furniture workshop from the city centre to the suburban area.
  3. During the last phase of their rigorous eight-week training, the navy divers had to remain submerged for two hours on a limited supply of oxygen at a depth 500 metres under the sea.
  4. The company's CEO retrenched the members of the management team who opposed his proposal to invest heavily in blockchain research, and promoted the submissive employees who supported his plan.
  5. Subsequent to the death of a distant relative, I received a letter from his lawyer to inform me that I inherited his sprawling mansion.


  1. The members of the Ministry of Education board have decided to revamp the current educational system because they believe that it is substandard compared to the global standard.
  2. I chose to live in a suburban area because there is too much of air pollution in the city.
  3. A common way to check if an egg is rotten is to submerge it in a glass of water and if it floats to the top then it is rotten.
  4. Many insecure men tend to look for partners who are submissive so that they can validate their low self-esteem by attempting to control their partner's life.
  5. The erratic school shooter killed himself subsequent to shooting at least ten people around him.

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Good work!

Is that method of checking for rotten eggs true?


Thank you! :)

Yes it is. It works and this is how we check eggs that we have kept for too long =)

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  1. substandard
    His project was denied because it was substandard.
  2. suburban
    He was living in a suburban city but he was always coming to the capital for work.
  3. submerge
    He tried to submerge the solutions to see what happens.
  4. submissive
    After months of training, my little dog finally became submissive.
  5. subsequent
    Almost no one is known of the subsequent living of the artist.


The new public train that runs along the rail is of inferior quality to the previous train.

I moved from the city because I like suburban areas-

my mom tells me to dip the beans to wash them

The cat (Tin) houses mice in a submissive manner.

After the Chavez government won the elections, Venezuela fell into crisis.

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Hmm, you used only 2 of the 5 target words in your sample sentences.

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