Vocab-ability Prefix–317 (super__, supra__, sur__ = above, beyond) – A More Powerful Vocabulary (earn UpVotes with “Vocab Practice” exercise)

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  1. My cousin took on his stepfather's surname after my aunt remarried.

  2. Many physicists believe that some ostensibly supernatural events can be explained by scientific theory.

  3. Most of the employees under the supervisor of the company's quality control department dislike his tendency to nitpick about minor administrative issues.

  4. Some analysts of the auto industry believe that electric cars will supersede fossil-fueled cars in the not too distant future.

  5. My brother's excellent exam results for his final year in high school surpassed the expectations of my parents, as his form teacher often complained about his tardy attitude towards schoolwork.

  6. The diners in the restaurant received a pleasant surprise when the manager announced that all customers will receive a generous 50 percent discount off their total bill, as the restaurant is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

  7. In order to raise money to pay its creditors, the troubled company sold its surplus inventory at a steep discount.

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  1. When your surname is Goodbody you have no choice but to be in shape.
  2. Some people think that the pyramids have been constructed with the help of supernatural creatures.
  3. My supervisor is cool, he bought breakfast for the team this morning.
  4. The floppy disk has been superseded by the hard drive.
  5. During my competition, I surpassed myself to get first place.
  6. I surprised my father when I gave him his birthday gift.
  7. It is better to have a surplus of food when organizing a party, just in case unexpected guest show up.


  1. She married him just for his interesting surname. :D

  2. Once you experience something supernatural, you start believing into law of cosmic energy.

  3. I hate Supervisiors who starts to boss around rather than supervising

  4. It looks like E-books have superseded the paper books but I personally doubt it.

  5. Sometimes its ok if you are not able to surpass your own expectations, you should just forgive yourself.

  6. The Local Barbeque nation records date of birth for all their customers so that they can surprise them the next time they visit.

  7. Surplus supply of tomatoes caused the half stock to be thrown out rotten.


  1. Her surname is quite difficult to pronounce.
  2. James got a supernatural cure from the sickness he's been suffering for years.
  3. Food was surplus at the party.
  4. The supervisor is a very young man.
  5. The surprise party was organised by his wife.
  6. There's currently no one to supersede the technician.
  7. She was given the promotion because she surpassed the expectation of everyone

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My Vocab Practice

1.- My grandparents' surname comes from Spanish royalty but they are very humble.

2.- Movies that talk about supernatural themes are not my favorite.

3.- It often happens that when a worker is promoted to a supervisor, he forgets that he was once a worker and judges with little subtlety those mistakes he used to make.

4.- the older models have now been superseded by higher quality ones.

5.-The sale of tickets of the Avengers End Game Film surpassed the expectations of sale placing it in the position number 1 in blockbuster films.

6.-The prize for the best seller of the year took him by surprise.

7.- Today you could visit the stores and from their surplus you could find clothes at a good price.


Good work!


  1. Mr. James Eghosia finds it annoying that his boss can't pronounce his surname right even after five years of working with him.
  2. Sometimes I wish I had supernatural powers that can make me fly.
  3. It's always best for students to build good personal relationship with their project supervisor.
  4. It's not doubt the electric cars will supersede gasoline powered ones.
  5. Kate's kids are well known for surpassing their school's exams.
  6. I was surprise to witness my landlady cry & smile at the same time.
  7. Having surplus of anything could be seen as economic waste in some quarters!