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  1. He is Foolish to think everyone likes him
  2. He is Selfish who cannot share good things with friends
  3. He is Bookish who spends all day reading books
  4. The party time is around Nine-ish this evening

1- He got on the flight using alias but was saved from trouble as he came up with a good alibi and now he tries to alienate from such a situation.
2- Many of the bookish people think that others are foolish and I think it's selfish.

I am not sure about how to use Nine-ish can you please guide me...
Thank you


Please read RULE #5 above, and revise your entry. That helps me in expediting the checking process. Thanks.


  1. He may look bookish, but he is not a bookworm
  2. She may be selfish, but she is intelligent
  3. They may be strong, but they are foolish
  4. It may be nine-ish before they get back


  1. Bookish:
    My brother is so bookish that he forgot to do his main chores.

  2. Selfish:
    Minding your own business is considered selfish to the organisation.

  3. Foolish:
    I could not tolerate his foolish ideas at the moment.

  4. Nine-ish:
    All the interesting games that were played yesterday were pertaining to nine-ish hours.

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  1. With her quiet temperament and bookish nature it was hardly surprising when she told her family she was successful in gaining the Librarian position at the local community hub.
  2. He knew it was selfish to eat the last of the cake without first checking if anyone else would like some, but he did it anyway because it was the best cake he'd ever tasted and he convinced himself that it was a reasonable decision as he hardly ever treated himself therefore he deserved it more than the others and he allowed himself to succumb to temptation.
  3. It was foolish of me to think I would be safe riding my horse who I hadn't seen for 2 months and also happened to be in season at the time but I went anyway and that's the story of how I broke my arm when I was 14.
  4. I decided to go shopping after work one night so I rang my partner to let him know I should be home around nine-ish, depending on traffic of course.

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Good work!

Let him eat cake!

  ·  작년


  1. The first furniture that I ever bought in my life was a large bookshelf because I am bookish.
  2. People who put their needs before their children's needs are selfish.
  3. He was foolish to believe that I will believe his fake cancer story again.
  4. I reached my college around nine-ish.

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Good work!

The first piece of furniture I ever made was a large bookshelf. Since then, I've made several more bookshelves. :-)

  ·  작년

Thank you! Wow that's great! Seems like you are an avid reader =)

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My vocab practice

1.- Many of the bookish people I know, more than intellectuals tend to sound like petulant people, using elaborate words.

2.- Sometimes in life you have to act selfishly and put yourself first, before others.

3.- Listening to what others say about you or wanting to please everyone are the most foolish things you can think of doing.

4.-The train will return in the morning nine-ish.


  1. My friends call me BOOKISH.
  2. One who can't think of others and only self interest is SELFISH.
  3. She pranked me to prove me FOOLISH.
  4. TV shows prime time is NINE-ISH.

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  1. The bedroom was looking too BOOKISH for my liking
  2. SELFISH people are the worst sort of people in a team
  3. When a FOOLISH man keeps silence he is considered wise
  4. Breakfast time is NINE-ISH in the morning


  1. As a student, James can't multi-task as he has remain bookish even in the face of business opportunities.
  2. Being selfish can be equated to isolation and self-destruct amidst plentiful!
  3. I can say Mark is foolish for buying a golden spoon for over a billion dollars, it makes not sense to me!
  4. Kate jogs for 20-minutes every morning, after her yoga exercises which ends nine-ish.


  1. A BOOKISH fellow can be a very boring person to hang out and have fun with
  2. He thinks only of himself because he is SELFISH by nature
  3. Anger is meant for the FOOLISH
  4. I will be there around NINE-ISH this evening

Good work!

Bookish people who drink can be interesting and fun to be with. :-)


  1. bookish
    I used to be a bookish person before having more responsibilities.
  2. selfish
    I'm sick of meeting only selfish people.
  3. foolish
    Even if she was a pretty person she was very foolish.
  4. nine-ish
    We decided to get to the club at nine-ish

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Why to use bookish, selfish, foolish, nine-ish?

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Because that's the way to learn the vocabulary. If you create sample sentences, you will be rewarded with a healthy upvote.

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