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My vocab practice
1 - the love we receive or gain from our mother is worthless
2 - the love between boyfriend and girlfriend is totally timepass at the present time
3 - the time when someone is an admitted in hospital that is restless
4 - the people who preparing for anything without setting their goal that preparation is pointless

My Vocab practice

1.-The houses of this urbanization have been worthless.

2.- Some of the characteristics of children who have ADHD are that they are tireless, restless and with little attention to things.

3.-The decoration of the living room of my parents' house, gives a timeless atmosphere.

4.- Many of the political speeches that I have heard, are empty speeches, without any social content and pointless.


Good work!

Correction – "All of the political speeches ... " ☺


What happens is that sometimes I do not like to look so radical. hehe !!


I see your point. But in this case, we have to speak the truth!!! :-)


  1. worthless
    His efforts were worthless after all he did wrong.
  2. restless
    When you get into a restless situation, is not the best thing can happen.
  3. timeless
    The memories created with him, are timeless.
  4. pointless
    His opinion was pointless to the rest of the team.


  1. Worthless.
    After her mother's diamond and gold brooch was thoroughly examined by the jeweler and appraiser, it was found to be worth over $5,000.

  2. Restless.
    After she submitted her manuscript to the editor, she could not sleep and was restless because she wanted to find out if her story was going to be published or not.

  3. Timeless.
    She thought her love would be timeless, but it was not to be.

  4. Pointless.
    Soon after sending numerous letters to the candidate without a reply, she realized her efforts were pointless.


  1. Sometimes I feel spending money on an Iphone is worthless.
  2. When I fight with my loved ones, I feel restless later on.
  3. The Era of information overload is offering so much that it leaves you with a timeless feeling.
  4. Arguing is pointless if the person does not matter to you.

Good work!

I spend money on an iPhone about 7 years ago. Now, I buy the cheapest phone I can find, and avoid all the fancy, high-tech models. And I'm happy!!!


yeaah thats a good decision here. I bought it just for the camera


  1. Worthless:
    The police has set up notices about catching any worthless idler found loitering around in the early hours of the morning.

  2. Restless:
    The end of year final project made Benjamin restless for a period of about 2 months.

  3. Timeless:
    Helen's timeless beauty made many people in the village always vote for her unopposed to her fellow candidates.

  4. Pointless:
    Robert found drinking alcohol everytime he came from work pointless.


Good work!

As for me, I found drinking alcohol at the end of every work day relaxing, pleasant, and therapeutic. But, ultimately, pointless. ☺


1 Sleeping at the hospital is restless.
2 Roman coliseum is a timeless building.
3 Homeopatic treatments are pointless.
4 My old nokia 3310 is worthless.


  1. Buying a worthless old item order than a classic, is misappropriation of fund!
  2. Females animals are said to be restless when ovulating.
  3. Kate's love for children is timeless.
  4. It's pointless to cry over spilled milk.

Good work!

Crying over spilled whiskey is the best response!!


  1. The old notes in lira became worthless after the euro was introduced.

  2. The young man was restless and found it hard to stick to his boring job in a factory.

  3. Jane Austen's prose is timeless and still reads clearly and easily more than 200 years after it was written.

  4. The disillusioned citizen decided it was pointless voting.


Good work!

p.s. The euro may soon be worthless. Buy lira, today!!

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