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  1. Lifelike:
    The lifelike dolls sitting under the hot sun that caught my attention when the fruitfly landed on them.

  2. Warlike:
    Their warlike painted face reminded me the savages that frequented the land, burning down that was in their path.

  3. Businesslike:
    Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the businesslike man in the suit holding his rifle steady at my head.

  4. Childlike:
    Dropping like a sack of potatoes, I rolled childlike before I caught a bullet to my back.



  1. lifelike
    His dreams were very lifelike.
  2. warlike
    He became warlike when we figured out he was lying.
  3. businesslike
    John is a very businesslike person who wishes to make just great job.
  4. childlike
    Timmy is a childlike even if he has grown up very fast.


  1. It was my dream since I was a child to create a lifelike figurine.
  2. Some say that Adolf Hitler was a warlike while the other say that he was a hero.
  3. I hope to turn into a businesslike kind of a man.
  4. My girlfriend is a childlike but I love her so.


1 This is a lifelike anatomic model of the liver, it will be very useful for the students.
2 The warlike neighborhood in my city is very dangerous.

3 Although he is 24, he has a childlike face

4 The new businesslike secretary is amazing she can do lots of difficult things


  1. Lifelike:
    The portrait in the museum looked lifelike.

  2. Warlike:
    The miltary government that was elected recently set up warlike policies.

  3. Businesslike:
    Joel proposed businesslike ideas in the refugee conference that was held yesterday.

  4. Childlike:
    Most elderly people highly portray childlike trust in their homes.


  1. Lifelike:
    His struggle to become an actor is a lifelike example for us.
  2. Warlike:
    My friend is in the army and he is true warlike.
  3. Businesslike:
    To be successful one should have a businesslike mind.
  4. Childlike:
    At the age of 60, my uncle has a childlike mind.


  1. The statue of Margaret Thatcher in the lobby of Parliament is so lifelike it even has her trademark handbag.

  2. The New Zealand rugby players performed the warlike "Haka" before the game to intimidate their opponents.

  3. Many companies require their front-line staff to wear suits to give a businesslike impression.

  4. The dad had a childlike enthusiasm for trainsets and played with them more than his sons did.

My Vocab Practice

1.- When I was a child, I always tried that the scenes in my games where lifelike.

2.- Since a few years ago until now my country civil society has become warlike and bitter

3.-He treats his clients in a businesslike manner.

4.-We should talk and act with a childlike frankness so we can save ourselves by giving so many explanations.


  1. I wonder how much those lifelike mannequin dolls at the city mall cost.
  2. Mr. Smart's home is warlike, I can barely sleep these days!
  3. The young dancer takes her training businesslike, which I find fascinating
  4. Most entrepreneurs rarely act childlike in public.

No. It's just Vocab-ability.

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