Dan Larimer faces interview on "Voice"

5개월 전

The poor start of Voice makes hope for a stable Steem price in the future. The billions $ in market cap havent been enough for EOS to launch an actually acessible social network. Let see how @dan justify the poor start of Voice to the Crypto host @ivanli.

0:50 - Interview starts

1:30 - General statements about EOS

6:30 - Voice

  • Why another social network?
  • Freedom of speech
  • Steem does not imply REAL identity (unique users)
  • Mass adoption
  • Problem with Steem: Bots (Icentive to cheat)
  • Identity proof: ID or electricity bills
  • Voice: attention auction, altering comments is higher priced than on Steem.
  • Video: embedd youtube, vimeo and other plattforms.
  • Block producers cant implent Voice: update to EOS 1.8 necessary
  • EOS 1.8 is important to provide new users with good and free software paid by high stake owners
  • EOS 1.8 first full hardfork, takes time to implement for nodes and block producers
  • Update will probably take several months
  • "We take our Steem content and put it into our testnet."
  • Soon there will be an invite for use internal Testnet for selected applicants


EOS stats

  • Circulating supply: 918.501.296 EOS
  • Total supply: EOS

All in all i am not very convinced. The whole point of Voice is to block bots. If you check out @taskmaster4450 you will see that distribution system of Steem becomes more balanced. I personally know alot of REAL accounts that powered up during the last year.

Human verification of Steem: Attending steemfest, take a picture with all the lovely attendees and post it. I actually enjoy that my account is NOT linked with my German ID.

Thinks dont look so dark for steem.

stay tuned.
no need to power down.

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