VORTEX Announcement | Highly secure P2P and Steem powered chat application

4년 전


Next-gen mainstream chat application

We're really excited to announce VORTEX, our new highly secure mobile chat application powered by the Steem blockchain and P2P systems that cover Whatsapp in terms of functionalities.

This application will be very soon available for the Web, Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. There is no third-party between you and your contacts except the blockchain that acts as an incorruptible ledger to make sure that you are really speaking to your contact and not a hacker, all your messages and calls are entirely private and strongly encrypted.

How does it works?

Vortex uses the Steem blockchain to store and verify accounts while communications such as messages and calls are sent without third-party, it's a P2P chat application. In other terms, there is you, the blockchain and your contacts, no one else can access your communications, you have the full control.

Encryption algorithms and protocols are validated at a "MILITARY LEVEL" by internationals and EU standards. Hacks and leaks are the past, your communications are safe and private, even the state can't access your communications. Moreover, many systems such as an anti-fishing system have been placed to protect users from reducing the very high security.

Who can use it?

Vortex is technically and visually designed to be enjoyable by everyone, not only by nerds and hackers. Now, anyone can have a complete protection against spy, hackers an the state which can cause very costly leaks and problems that everyone wants to avoid.

In other terms, anyone who cares about security and privacy.


Vortex is currently being developed, all the screenshots are part of the current state of the application, before the release, the source code will be triple checked and every feature will be tested in the deepest.

You'll need to wait some days before using this application, meanwhile, you can follow us to get development updates.


Partnership with many organisations including main Steem applications are currently being organised, you'll soon be able to seamlessly chat from one application to another.

If you own an application and want to make it compatible with Vortex or simply write an article or make a video about it, feel free to do so or contact us.

Main features

  • Free unlimited self-destructive messages ✓
  • Free unlimited private messages ✓
  • Free unlimited private calls ✓
  • Manageable contacts ✓
  • Local encryption ✓
  • Notifications ✓
  • Chat history ✓
  • Call history ✓

And much more...




Yes please!

Contact: Team @vortex.chat & @esteem8, CEO Matias Affolter

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As a hacker

Any time someone says they ahve military standard encryption, their product is shit.
Please, don't use shity buzzwords like that if you want to be taken seriously, especially by Security community.

Also, is it open source?

Can third parties (like me) perform their own tests? Will you have a penetration tester (like me) test the app before releasing?

Also, how are you dealing with "identity change"? (Eg. I change my phone)

And as far as design goes,it's pretty Ok :). I might offer a redesign later on.

Good luck. Following for updates.


Never say never,

Can third parties (like me) perform their own tests? Will you have a penetration tester (like me) test the app before releasing?

Yes, with pleasure if you want ;)



All right, keep me posted. I have an expertice in Android so I can have a quick look at it. Prob. just a quick look ATM though as I also need to eat :D.

I can envision Whistleblowers and journalists using a secure chat platform like Vortex.


I'm glad someone is think about those guys. Wikileaks was almost shut down when the Justice Department put pressure on Visa and PayPal. Thank God they they had the option of taking bitcoin donations at the time.

Are you still doing this? Is vortex a real thing now?
(Im writing an article series on encrypted decentralized p2p messengers)...


can fbi/cia trace the communication? is it good for people with evil intention ?


It has the same security as cyph and crypviser, probably not and yes it can help people with evil intentions.

Often, the CIA/FBI focus on hacking the OS.


thank you.. i need a chat tool where I can do dirty perverted chat without having fear of getting my chat history hacked by other


all tech can be good or evil. You need to address the morality of society, not the tech.


Unfortunately, people who want privacy will have to allow people with nefarious intentions the use of that same privacy technique. Sad, but as @lost.identity states in this thread.

You need to address the morality of society, not the tech.


you should use #steemdev for such posts, #life not so much.

What's the ETA for a demo ?


We work for people those who have lost all the in natural storms for them we want steem supports from you.

I really like where you are going with this. I look forward to the release, although I'll be rather hesitant to trust the privacy & security of it until it has been been through an audit.


You get a strong point, we'll put systems to increase the number of diversified code witness to ensure a strong review.


Yeah, exactly my point :). There needs to be a third party testing it.

Looks neato. Resteemed.

Its looking real good, cant wait to try it out :)


Thanks, subscribe to get development updates, the app is coming out soon!

Awesome to see more apps being built on the Steemit blockchain :D

  ·  4년 전

This only uses steem accounts to verify identity, but that is still a very cool use of this.


Excellent! I can't wait to try this. Steemit needs a P2P chat program. Any plans to write a chrome plugin that'll make a javascript overlay to steemit? That would be cool!

Upvoted, resteemed, and followed! Thanks so much for sharing!


Great idea

It appears to me that if there's a blockchain, then it's there for everyone to review. Your bits and bytes stay forever. Actually, make that megabytes. So putting encrypted data onto a public blockchain meant for open access is going against the purpose of the steem blockchain.

Please put your messages onto your own, freestanding blockchain. In fact, why do you need a block chain at all. Who cares if your cat is lost or you just ate a tuna fish sandwich five years from now?

D o N o t c l o g u p t h e s t e e m b l o c k c h a i n w i t h s u c h t r i v i a l n o n s e n s e .


Data are sent directly from one contact to another, it's a P2P application where the blockchain act as an incorruptible ledger to verify online identity. The blockchain doesn't store your communications.

Read it again, It is similar to Crypviser


Ah, okay. I missed that part. Sorry about that.

  ·  4년 전

I think that's because "application entirely powered by the Steem blockchain" is misleading here.

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I Wish you all the best and hope Vortex will be up and running soon
I quite like the Design
Keep it up

Do you have plans to integrate I2P or Onion hidden service support (or both) for routing of messages?


Supported but not included

Hi, you have so much steemit power and influence, I barely have any no matter how much I try.. Please help me power up you barely use yours

when this app ki coming out?
i'm very excited after reading its feaures :P

@vortex.chat & @esteem8 Any news, updates on this app?
BTW - it looks great!