Good morning lovely people on steemit.

This is one beautiful thing I like about

steemit, giving the opportunity to

communicate and share with anyone all

over the world.

How is your morning???

Well, mine was very cold, the weather was

not to friendly with me I had to hide in my

blanket as the rain couldn't allow me to

step out for a momenteight_col_heavy_rain.jpg

Oooouch!! And I don't like it when it rains

in the morning like this..

I wish my morning was like thisimages-2.jpg

Or like thisimages.jpg

How is your morning????

Is it filled with morning dew???images-3.jpg

Or is it snowy like this???images-4.jpg

Or is it rainy like mine??? Haha...
Good morning steemians.
I wish you all a lovely day ahead..

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Hello again @indoleboss, please do not take this comment wrong, it is only cautionary in nature. The tag steemit, some people get very upset at the use of it for non "steemit" related post. I have no idea what is a non-steemit related post, but people, (myself included), have been hit with some very big down votes for the use of it. I ignore that tag completely and never use it now myself. So please be careful with it's use.

The second thing, is pictures and art works and stories that are not written or photo's not taken by you, always provide a source of where the pictures came from, if you don't and people think they are your pictures, your stories, and then learn they are not, they will flag and down vote you. If they are from. If they are from sites that are free to use like wiki-commons or pexels then you should state that some where in your post. Example - All images free to use from type statement.

There are a lot of photographers on steemit, (professional ones), and they do not like seeing photographic works "stolen".

Steemit can be a very friendly place and there are a lot of people that can help you get a leg up.

Yes! Full sized picture. Good job!

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hi! :)