It's Time To Pull The Trigger, Steemians.

4년 전


A few days ago, I advised that we not throw everything we have into the BTCC poll straight away. If we had all voted early, our opponents would have known exactly what it would take to defeat us, and they would have had the time to make it happen.

Now that we are on the last day of the poll, the time to pour our best efforts in is here. We have some catching up to do, but if we utilise the full power of this community right now, we can easily take the lead and leave no time for a response.

If you were waiting until the last day, or if for any other reason you have not voted for STEEM in the twitter poll, you can do so by clicking here.

RESTEEM to remind your followers. We can and should win this.

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I happened to need a second twitter account to link with my YouTube. So, I got a second vote in. If anyone else can come up with an excuse for why they also need a second twitter account, then don't forget to vote on that account too...


im with that, i have several accounts with my music and my label .. all have voted!!! we need to use all the accounts we as steemians got on twitter. pull this number up.

Progress since start of post:

31% 32% 33% 34% 35% 36% 37% 38% 39% 40%

ETC is still in the lead with 41%

Let's keep pushing, people.


Thank you! I even told my WhatsApp friends to vote. They don't know anything but Steemit but they know me.

Every bit helps I guess.

Now I also got them curious about Steemit, which is another bonus!

Let's get'r'done! Upvoted & resteemed!


You know we will make the come back. Just like in the last round.

Thanks for getting this out there. I will vote on multiple accounts. Thanks!

Aah smart! I already voted, but I hope there will be enough others that had yet to cast theirs :D

So very important, everyone get out there and vote! Now is the time!!

Upvoted ... I voted with both my accounts and retweeted and asked my followers to do the same....


Thanks a lot, mate. Let's win this thing.

We can do it!! Let's crush this. I would say we're the underdog here (but there's already an underdoge)


Lol. A bit cheesy, but I am high enough to enjoy that joke still.

But, yes. You are right. We definitely can do this. And we will.


Couldn't help myself ;)



Cheers, mate!



Thank you. And you should thank yourself too, because we will all benefit when we win. this thing.

Re-steemed, up-voted, voted on Twitter a couple days ago, let's get this done folks!!


Thanks for doing your part to spread the word. It only takes a bit of teamwork for us to win this thing.

Can we make like the top 5 to 8 posts be about like these? We only need around 6K to be able to overtake. That was a wise advice coming from you, son of satire.

Come one guys, we can make this happen!!

Im in!

Ok I'm getting my entire family accounts to vote with now. Let's do this.

We can still win this!


richardjuckes richardjuckes tweeted @ 25 May 2017 - 20:25 UTC

@bobbyclee @YourBTCC @bobbyclee @moneytrigz @YourBTCC it's STEEM for me

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Full gear now! Resteemed

In like Flynn.

bobbyclee Bobby Lee tweeted @ 20 May 2017 - 08:48 UTC

@YourBTCC Congrats to all 4 finalists!
Final Round, Battle of Digital Currencies:
Which should @YourBTCC offer?……

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