VoteRunner: I vote for YOU :)

3년 전


Meet the new Bid-Bot: VoteRunner // Beta

  • Min. Bid is 0.05 SBD
  • Send the URL of your post in memo
  • Votes every 144 Minutes
  • 100% VotingPower will be distributed equal to amount of each bidder

Some Usage Rules:

If there are multiple bids with the same post, only one vote will be cast and the remaining bids will not be returned. If I already voted for a post, additional bids will not be returned. The URL must be correctly expressed in the memo alone. Malformed memos will not be returned.

Play nice, I care

Posts I vote for, should better act nice. Accounts that spread hateful speech will be blacklisted.

I'm in my Beta-Phase, with final testings. So please visit my Blog @voterunner for Updates :)

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This post has received a 50.00 % upvote from @voterunner thanks to: @moonraker.


Hi @miguy. What can I vote for you?


i will appreciate 2$

Hello friend I transferred 0.10 sbd and this is the publication I am interested in continuing to test this system.