Part 1 Bitesize VOTU podcast with the AGE project

3년 전
in votu

This is a 10 minute edit. You can watch the full uncut episode here.


The AGE project or Adult Genetic Engineering is a crowdsourced genetics research project launching on the EOS blockchain. CEO Greg Simpson joined us at the Voices of the Underground to tell us how we can put our DNA on the blockchain!

Stay tuned for Part 2 where he takes mining to new levels of prosperity!

Adult Genetic Engineering means it is now not only possible to edit your own DNA, but in time it could be an everyday practice like getting your hair done! In fact, it probably will be a way to get your hair done, whatever colour you wish you were born with!

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"Big farma is the killer". For that reason i'm supporting AGE project. Cause all in blockchain is transparent and still all data keeps yours. If you register your DNA into a blockchaind, it doesn't mean that it would change your body completly. It's just a data collector to contribute to the research for the better of health of the world and even the improve of human race.

Think about it. If you have a family disease or syndrome and never thought it has a "cure" or i mean a preventive system, you can send your DNA to the blockchain and others scientist could made a research, if you give them access to you DNA data, using only numbers, math problems, not experimenting with your real DNA. And that's how could everybody get benefit of it.

Blockchain is about trust, and trust is a high power over our civilization.

Excellent interview! This is exciting stuff, and I'm glad to see projects underway that aren't funded by big pharma, but challenging the system of oppression that tries to impede advances in health and medicine. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, @beanz. Looking forward to the next show!

I was really impressed with this project, I am passionate about it, we are taking big steps towards a new world, we have to be prepared for all this development of science, paradigms are being broken!

I love the project actually I am amazed how brilliant man made use of science to make this life more comfortable to live with...and with the intertwined of science and blockchain is more amazing...great! editing DNA will be a breakthrough in the whole world history...Good luck!

Wow the truth is that I am surprised as science has evolved, I think this is a brilliant idea, we must welcome the technology and let it flow, this is very interesting and even more so that we are part and can enjoy this genetic research project , is wonderful friend @beanz, I wish you much success in this magnificent project.

Thanks for the full uncut episode. It has part -2, glad to know.

I've enjoyed every bit of it. Can't wait for the part two. It's very informative to me as a science student.

I am ready to put my DNA on the block chain but no where else though.

Adults genetic engineering. I have heard little about this before but I think you shed more light on it this night.
Thanks for sharing @beanz

Good post and very interesting thank you friends have shared, I upvote and resteem

wuao realmente increíble, me gusta mucho que comparta estas cosas son nosotros, el tema es como estar en otra dimensión. mucho gustaría conocer mas. gracias amiga @beanz por compartir.

me agrada mucho este avance de la ciencia, el apoyo que usted amiga @beanz le da a este proyecto AGE, es significativo porque se trata de un mundo prácticamente nuevo para la mayor parte del planeta y por lo que entiendo es la cura científica de la humanidad. muchas gracias por ese aporte @steemstarnetwork