Part 2 VOTU podcast MINING while with Cancer prevention treatments

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This is a 10 minute edit. You can watch the full uncut episode here.

Adult Genetic Engineering is bringing your DNA to the blockchain on an open ledger where instead of meaningless mathematical equations, mining means finding patterns in our DNA! These patterns could lead to the answers not only to why some people are more or less susceptible to certain ailments, but HOW we can choose our own DNA to live healthier lives with a healthier genetic makeup.

Here's part 1 on how this can be done.

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This is a huge hope for the future, anytime I diagnose someone of leukemia( blood cancer) it takes me days to recover because I know the treatment is as dangerous as the ailment, if there is hope of managing this from the genetic level it is something that needs full support...Bring Genome project on to blockchain and let the world of minds get to work! thanks @beanz

something new to learn for me, thanks @beanz

Great work... Life is changing to better everyday

Adult genetic engineering? Well i think being in a position to restructure and recombine your DNA makeup to make you less susceptible to some ailments is pretty cool..but are there no after effects?

Joining the discord group now. Amazing

Wonderful and amazing project @beanz... unbelievable but Science is really great! Thanks for sharing wth Steemit community

this is a very interesting lesson for us. a very remarkable discussion, I am very impressed with the English tutorial you read even though I have to listen to one by one from the conversation. thanks the queen @beanz
blockcin becomes an inspiration for all of us. compact greeting of our community (votu)

thank you for sharing, @beanz hopefully you want to always be achieved.

de verdad me quedo asombrado de como avanza la ciencia, felicito la iniciativa de @steemnetwork y también a todo el apoyo de la Reina @beanz para traernos esta información.

this is really great and I love the idea and hope to be materialized...imagine treating cancer and at the same mining....everyone must need to support this

Great !!!!l post and really interesting. Learning , finding patterns of DNA will surely help us to live a healthy life.

thanks @beanz for this valuable information, science is slowly progressing I hope that this hope will soon materialize, I've lost family members with this disease, and it's really terrible.

Nice post, wonderfull , amazing program. Success

Thanks on your knowledge on how we can live a healthy life on DNA.. Really encouraging. Pls up upvote me a a newbie.

I don't always stop by enough.
The schedules must be balanced again.
I used to listen to you and VOTU before heading to the Motorcycle shop.
I'll always appreciate the early days as you blazed a path for us all.
Happy 2 Years Old Steem Birthday, BEANZ