VOTU interviews Everipedia PART II and we discuss making our stolen data public

3년 전
in votu

Here's part II of the interview with Everipedia's Mahbod Moghadam.

To get an account on Everipedia just get in touch with Mahbod in the telegram group below

Join the Everipedia telegram group


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very cool! I'm wondering if I can interview you for EOS Dublin? It would be an interview and profile. Let me know! isaac.d.peterson@gmail.com

whether eripedia also included in crypto or otherwise?

Nice.... Good luck my friends.. I am @hadimemories, organizer The flying photographer contest in Steemit and supportes by EOS Cafe.. Nice can meet you.

nice information my friend. i will definitely signup.

I'm glad I attended the podcast meeting on Sunday.
I just joined Everipedia's telegram group.

I can't wait for VOTU's next podcast.
There's always something new to learn.😄

Very good friend

Wishing you best of luck with your valuable endeavors, @beanz ✌🏼

And, since I feel I have an ally in you, opposing racism & upholding human rights, I thought to share this post—Remembering a moral hero and one of the founding fathers of modern America: https://steemit.com/mlk/@yahialababidi/martin-luther-king-jr-was-only-39-years-old-when-assassinated-50-years-ago

I haven't seen you around here before. But holy cow, thank you so much for that massive up vote.


I truly do appreciate it. To me every little bit helps. I've been taking what earn here I'm trying to turn it into more, by investing in my SP and by trying to do contests to give money back to other people. I also love the introduce yourself "new" feed. I like looking for new people who seem to be genuine good people. I love to upvote them and try to help them feel that steemit is a good place for them. Also try to let them know some of the more basic rules that I have learned. I hope someday my vote will be worth as much as yours. I'm going to try to make time to look around your place. But my time is short this weekend. I hope that you have a great day. Sending all of my love to you and yours. And may our creator bless yous.

good luck friend 👍👍👍

Interesting. Maybe I should use Telegram. Facebook steals data.