Telecommunications cables are stolen in Venezuela and nobody controls this situation.

3년 전

Good evening family steemit.

Here I am back after two months of absence and I was not on vacation. I was incommunicado because here in the city where I live in Venezuela they stole the cables that carry telecommunications to most homes, businesses, industries and businesses. It is really regrettable that this is happening and the authorities do nothing to control this situation, they seem silent accomplices of what is happening. The company CANTV says that there is no material to replace the cables which means that this will be extended for a long time, that sad.
There are also many difficulties for the operation of the points of sale because they are working with Bam which makes it very slow and as a consequence queues are formed to be able to buy the few existing foods, which have very high prices.
All this has caused a lot of damage to people who had a fixed telephone service as the only form of communication at a distance. In my case I was very motivated learning, looking for information, applying the recommendations that I made in the post I showed. Every day I got more excited reading and commenting on the post and from one day to the next they left me without communication.
I had to save some money to buy a Bam and be able to reconnect with this great steemit family, I missed everything that the Steemians publish and I confess that at the beginning I got desperate but I had to calm down to think how to solve this communication problem.
But well here I am again willing to continue learning from all of you and sharing my posts with great humility.

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The situation is dire it seems. I hope you can keep your head above water over there.