No more a virgin

2년 전

When it comes to writing about virginity I get so weak.

No inspiration.

No motivation

No matter how hard I tried to run my fingers on the keyboard, it just won't corporate.

Off I'll abandon the topic and pick something else and my fingers automatically form bonds with the keypads on my phone...

Virginity is one of the unique character set of the unmarried in the Christiandom.
Some churches have so magnify it more than the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. A single look on their doctrine with respect to virginity, you'll feel totally out of place.

Some believers who have not lost their sanity to the lost of the flesh, nor been raped by the gruesome have made it looked like they're saints or that their heaven is built separately from that which others will share in the Lord's table.

The church to me, was not meant for the Saints. But the mixed multitude; who when they have heard the word, may be edified.

Love for one another, saints or sinner was God's original intent for the church.

If you have been attending church and your lifestyle is driving away other members, simply ask yourself "is this what I was created for?

Life without love for another is a well of blood and a den of thieves.

Learning to love someone is the sweetest form of learning.

Show some love to that brother or sister.

Have a beautiful weekend.

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