DEAL WITH IT NOW: Low Self-esteem

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One's opinion about oneself is why is know as self esteem.
What is your opinion about yourself?
When you lack confidence about yourself, when you feel bad about yourself always then you are having Low Self-esteem Problem.
According to Rosenberg and Timothy J. Owens,
People with low self-esteem tend to be hypersensitive. They have a fragile sense of self that can easily be wounded by others!!

When you consistently keep feeling bad about yourself, when you keep attributing all the negative and ill-fated to yourself then you need help because you really suffering from low self-esteem.

Characters a low self-esteem person exhibits

  1. He/she becomes so critical about himself or herself
  2. He/she ignores his/her positive qualities and abilities and concentrate more on the negative.
  3. Become too judgemental about his/herself
  4. Finds it difficult to believe compliments from people around him/her pertaining to him/herself.
  5. Blames himself/herself constantly if something goes wrong in his/her environment, family, or office.
  6. Gives his/herself negative attribute especially when describing his/herself.


  1. Problem emanating from childhood, especially lack of love and attention from parents or close relations.
  2. Having to take care of one self at early stage of life. Having a stressful life
  3. Maltreatment from parents and love ones
  4. Lack of confident due to strict home training at childhood.
  5. Sickness such as mental health problem will always make one feel less privileged.
  6. Poor upbringing. Being raised in a poor background family with little or no enough social amenities will always make one feel he/she is inferior to the ones that have more.


The following points with help you deal with low self-esteem:

  1. Be positive and learn to stay positive no matter the situation or difficulties. Say positive things to yourself daily before going out, while working, walking keep repeating it to yourself, words like: I'm good, I'm the best, I can do it, I'm unique etc. Stop punishing yourself with harsh and wrong words when you fail or make mistakes, words like: I'm stupid, I'm an idiot, I failed again, I'm a fool, I can't do anything etc. Will not in anyway help you out of any situation but will only worsen it so stop using it. Stay positive and remain positive even when you fail.

  2. Deal with your subconscious (self talk) the inner voice in you is your subconscious. It talks back to you when you are sad or angry. It brings in lots of good and useless ideals into ones mind. Stop listening to it especially when you are feeling bad about yourself because it will keep showing you people that are more better than you, and it will keep telling you how you where supposed to do it and how you did it and failed instead of the other way round, stop listening to it. But when you apply number 1 above, you will conquer it.

  3. Become yourself best friend and stop comparing yourself to others. You are different and you are uniquely created for expoilt. You are important, so don't let your background or the challenges you encounter cause you to admire Esther More than yourself. Love yourself more. You are the best and the last of your kind. So stop it and become your best.

  4. Appreciation is very important to deal with this low self-esteem problem. Learn to appreciate yourself anytime you achieve or even try a task. Keep reminding yourself of what you can do and don't being in the word CAN'T because you can achieve qnything when you set your mind on it. Appreciate yourself, smile, encourage and even buy yourself things in appreciation. Appreciate yourself so that when others appreciate you, you will believe it and when they don't you will not feel bad because you have you always thanking yourself always.

  5. lastly, learn to have fun, learn to take your self out to places that you love. Stop worrying about unnecessary things you know you can not change like time and how people think about you. Learn to do something meaningful for yourself everyday. Don't wait for people to take you out, do it yourself. Smile always, be happy and let it go.

Self-esteem is very important for one
Remember " what you think about yourself is what you will become"
Thank you.


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Nice words to define low self esteem. Not always good for one to look down on oneself.

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