Mushroom Fruiting

2년 전

Hello steemians.

Here is my mushroom farm. This one is almost a month old and it is already fruiting.



Mushroom do not use light during it colonization, like plants using it for photosynthesis. Instead, light gives signal to the fungus to start fruiting.

Colonization was done in the absent of light with the help of black nylon covered all over the wall and roof to ensure no light penetrates the room used.

The oyster mushroom fruiting:






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We @farms love this and we are pleased with what you are doing, continue the good job greater hight we pray for you.


SteemChurch Farm (@farms)

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Thank you very much @steemitboard. Am encouraged.

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Interesting! I studied soil science which is a department in the faculty of agriculture. So i have had my share of farms and farming. Funny, we never did anything on mushrooms.


Ok @wems, you can learn about it and it is very interesting. The health benefits of mushroom is too much and as such its demands out weigh its supply. Thank you for showing interest and commenting.