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“Until the lions have their own historian, the history of the hunt will always favour the hunter.” – Chinua Achebe.

In the atom, there exists three primary sub particles, which are the electrons, the protons, and neutrons.

In Nigeria, there mid three primary 'sub individuals', the positive, the negative and the nonpartisan Nigerians.

In the molecule, the impartially charged proton just adds to the heaviness of the particle and does not modify the compound properties of the iota. Likewise, in Nigeria, the neutrals contribute neither energy nor antagonism, however contribute just to the number of inhabitants in the nation.

The inquiry, at that point is, "do we require neutrals in Nigeria? "

The inquiry is an epistemological inquiry which will thus prompt the ontological inquiry of presence. Yet, I don't have every one of the responses to these inquiries.

These inquiries bid to our instincts. They are close to home prevalent inquiries.

Presence is just found out by substance.

In this manner, when a being is of no substance it is non-existent.

Presently comes, yet, another individual inquiry – "what is quintessence?"

Quintessence is only the life lived.

Prior, I said these inquiries are epistemological inquiries since they are trial of learning. The information assembled in sentiments. The learning we as a whole have. In this way, the responses to them, we as a whole know since we as a whole vibe.

In another way, the inquiry can be "what is your opinion about these nonpartisan Nigerians?"

Presently you should see everybody ought to have the capacity to answer these inquiries, since they are inquiries of conclusion. Attempting to haul out words. Bubbling, hot, words from our mouths.

These inquiries can just do the benefit of summoning "inclination answers" since they request initially to our instincts.

In noting these inquiry, activists unquestionably will be prepared to wipe out negatives and neutrals. I am an extremist, I feel the same. I am a positive Nigerian. Neutrals feel will absolutely believe it's each of the a dumb plan to endeavor noting such an inquiry. However, this a trial of information. To "negatives", the inquiry is just a sort of clamor. They feel furious like all others. They despise the others.

Pertinent to all, the three gatherings is outrage.

In any case, among each other, they proceed to exist and isolated by a mist of "loathe".

Life has dependably been a battle amongst great and abhorrence with the "you are either for us or against us" mindset. The neutrals will experience the ill effects of the two limits as their essentialness is obscure.

In all ages there is dependably a call for pay of a gathering of individuals by another in light of wrong(s) done hundreds of years back. It may be if history supports the mistreated.

In Nigeria, there exists a ceaseless battle between the majority and the pioneers. A battle which the "Nigerian Democracy " have not possessed the capacity to determine – a battle for the delights of materiality, respect and equity.

This have left Nigerians broke down to sole soles of the spirit when denied the chance to have the delights of life.

The tireless calls for remuneration are continually bombing, as the mistreated have no student of history to present the long arrangement of occasions that happened hundreds of years back. However, occasions can have numerous conceivable chronicles, our narratives have betrayed us. They don't support us.

At the point when will we have antiquarians of Democracy from among us to present to us the long queues of our blooded and wicked history to influence it to support us?

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