The Never Ending Quest : A Weekend Freewrite Poem.

5개월 전


Total change, planet unknown
Winds are strange, time faster than wind
I crawled, slowly approaching the stars
If by chance, they'll show me the way home.
I have myself to blame, searching for the seen
Earth was cool, till we blow it up
Too much wisdom, precipitate destruction
With time, we dissipate into error.
Will Mother Nature ever forgive
Won't karma chase us out of here
Humans, the everlasting intelligent planet destroyer
Over bearing himself, he dies off.
In search of immortality, I was sent
Find a new universe, that is my quest
Never want to return this good news
Pilage they will made it ruin in time.
Delicate world, be nice if we come
Humans cometh, the most ingenious of all
Industrialization was his disease
New age come new sickness.
An entry into the prompt : Delicate.

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