5 Minute Freewrite: Thursday - Prompt: not in my neighborhood


"That night, almost half of the hunters who went to catch these unknown perpetrators, did not return alive from the forest. And the ones who were alive came back injured and worn out with their dead colleagues. Songs of sorrow filled up the air from the families of the dead hunters. And yet these culprits were not found. Large farms continued to be razed, and houses were destroyed with the furious evil winds that comes at midnight. Supply of food became short and many people started to desert the community. The king became distraught and hopeless. The hunters who were left prepared very hard and promised the king they would catch the culprits these time. They prepared and prepared, charms and weapons, for two weeks and they went back to the forest." He paused.
All these while Tunde had his mouth wide open in disbelief. "What happened?" He inquired. "What happened after they went to the forest?"
The man continued, "Well, you see, it was a bitter day because only three out of the thirty hunters who went to the forest came back alive." Tunde shouted irritatedly, "Ah! Too terrible! They lost again. And I was unaware all these while. This does not happen. Not while I'm alive. NOT IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD! I am going there to catch those evil doers. I am going there!!!"

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Tunde! You are so brave! Go save your neighbourhood.

Hereby, I am delivering the next prompt to you, here it is, check it out! It is 'laughter.'

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Thanks very much for the comment. I really appreciate you. Thanks