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@happywhale its feels good to see people who are ready to spread the word of God through the study of the word on the blockchain. Permit me to tag @sirknight and @steemchurch who have been doing a great job too.

Here is what I understood from Brother Eli teaching

The teaching comes from God even though is been passed from the preacher.

The ear that will be used to listen.

John is among the first century Christian and with understanding and its been given by God cos the spirit of man knows only the things of man. Without God giving us understanding we can understand the things of God.

The knowledge of salvation is given by God. And with the knowledge comes understanding

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Thanks for the callout Yungchief. If I get a chance I will take a look. SirKnight.

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When he said we need two things for salvation in which hearing is one of them, I don't want to believe he meant using the ears to hear because if that's the case, the deaf won't have salvation.

Hearing simply means the eagerness to hear the word of God which includes hearing by any means.

But do we really need a preacher? I believe that with the third element which is the word of God, we could attain salvation by simply reading the word of God and heeding what God wants to help us attain salvation .

Besides, the Bible says that we are saved by simply believing that Jesus is the son of God and staying away from evil.

I believe him when he says that many people lack knowledge and understanding. Even the Bible says that my people perish for lack of knowledge so if you do not have that knowledge and do not have the understanding supplied by God, then salvation could be far from u.

From my own understanding, brother Eli mentioned four important parameters that necessitates salvation.

  1. Ear (the means of hearing)
  2. The preacher (from whom we hear)
  3. The word of God (what to hear)
  4. Understanding.

We hear the word of God from the preacher through our ears. The words that a preacher speaks when he brings God's word to us are not his words but God's. The preacher is an instrument through which God sends his message across. The last thing necessary to make this process complete is understanding. (1John 5:20). This understanding is not the result of our human capacity. It is not inherent in our being. It is God-given.

It is easy to relate with things that concerns human affairs as humans but to relate with the truth of Gods word, we need an understanding that only God can give. 1corinthians 2:11

I really enjoyed the sermon by eli.
We all are created to obey God.
God is wonderful and he has given us the everything.

We shall use our ear to hear the world of God.

we should be loyal and obedient to the man of God.

the word we are hearing should come from the lord.

dedicated to the lord.

Knowledge is the key to everything because all of us need it to survive according to his words.
1john 5:20

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@hiroyamagishi It is good to see such works coming up, indeed you are showing a different style and itโ€™s something man ! May God bless you and enlarge your coast ,I would love to work closely with you on this project letโ€™s make the Africa and the world at large a better place . I am a singer , guitarist and song writer also write too when I am inspired thereโ€™s a lot we can build with art .

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This video is make about religion that jisus son will come in world. So we are all cristian know that its true,, So we are hearing listening on my hair, thats true. So thaks a lot for sahring this valuable religion video for all wafrica cristian..

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Great work you are doing in Africa and Venezuela. As I told you on discord, I'll get this your project to many across Africa. Keep adding to humanity.

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From my understanding and personal interpretation , We need 4 things to gain salvation

  1. The ear, our mortal instrument through which salvation enters our heart.
  2. The preacher, the carrier of the message of salvation.
  3. The word of God, the gospel of salvation that comes from the preacher whom we have heard
  4. The understanding that comes from the Holyspirit. This is tool through which we are convicted unto salvation.

God bless you for sharing this and God bless bro. Eli.

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Speaking on 'understanding', based on what Bro Eli said it is even more evident that without understanding, no man (flesh) can give meaning or comprehend the word. Irrespective of how many times one listens, because even while Jesus Christ was alive the disciples couldn't give meaning to any of the parables neither could they even understand their purpose (journey with Christ). Not just because he needed companionship but because he needs a protege which will bare witness to and wrought greater works than he (Jesus)... But after his persecution, death, resurrection yet only minutes before his ascension did he opened the eyes of their understanding.
Luke 24:45 Then opened he their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures

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This is a very inspiring sermon. We really should always hear the word of God, its amazing

This is very inspirational and transformational. The word of God is light to the world. I really enjoyed the sermon. Thanks @happywhale

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Thanks for impacting positively in Africa and Venezuela. This good work you have done should be Resteemed so as to be wider seen. This is really motivational sermon. Keep up sir...


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The word of God can never be underestimated, the world of God is light, bro Eli have said it all, Ear, the preacher,word of God, understanding are what we all need to be safe..... God bless the brain behind this

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If i am to analyse what i learnt from this video. I will say i learnt that for Salvation to be achieved , It must be through a process that requires basic things which must be considered to achieve Salvation. And these basic things are:-

To Hear-The hearing
Preacher-Whom to listen to
The Word-What we are listening to
Understanding-Ability to be aware of why we need to listen

I appreciate the fact that you have been able to widen our knowledge on Salvation.

Wow even though I came later after 4days of this publication, yet nothing is late in God time, even at death God still brings some people back to fulfilled his project in our life. All the came back to life to fulfill God work are they not written in the Holy Book " Bible"
Straight to my point from the video I discovered that repentance start from hearing the word of God, that is the first step to come to God.
So brethren it's only by listening we can hear God calling us to him self.
Thanks so much for for sharing this with us.

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The understanding that comes with salvation can only be given by the Holyspirit. Man's reasoning and understanding will limit him to the things of this world. But with the help of the Holyspirit, he can begin to understand spiritual dimensions.

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Enjoyed the video.

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The word of God can be heard directly from God his word and the man of God

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I really enjoyed the Salvation part. I'll resteem this post.

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This is my reply post link. Thanks for sharing the Word of God.

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