African Proverb: In the abundance of water the fool is thirsty

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My Dear Africans, our ancestors have done their part. Their focus was to help us build a foundation of values, is now let for us to do our part. That's why they gave us these proverbs.
These proverbs are not for us to merely repeat, but for us to learn from them and add value to it.

in the African Proverb, "the wise create Proverbs for fools to learn, not to repeat"

The onus is there on us to build on the foundation we have been given by our ancestors.

Which means

  • transforming their insight into infrastructure
  • values into visions
  • their history into human development.
  • We cannot continue to apportion blame.
  • We must and should start building.
  • We cannot always continue to thirst.
  • We must always think constructively

We cannot continue to starve. We must always start striving. We cannot continue always read history. We must start to make history. We cannot always continue to be fed. We must always start feeding ourselves.

We are bless with natural resources, human capital and favorable and good weather conditions, we are therefore inexcusable to remain undeveloped.

from the wisdom of our elders we are fools alike to thirst in the abundance of water!

All hope are not lost!

It can be done! It must be done! it shall be done, because if not done, we are done.

Country's Proverb: #Ethiopia and

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If nothing is done,we are done,now that's my takehome line.
Nice post. @Ifeanyichukwu


Thanks dear