The Reflections of the Philosopher

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The Reflections of the Philosopher

_In my dream last night, was as though I was taken back in times over centuries ago to see and have a feel of what life looked like. This was some 16.... Years ago era before the first industrial revolution and I saw a man and a woman in a cart having two farm animals tied to it to pull it along with the tools which they use to work on the plant station or work area(was like the two people where the plant/factory owner) and how two boys were tilling and scrapping the ground with fullness of joy - was as if they were hoping and working with the intention that someday "I would rise beyond common labourer rising through foreman, supervisor, manager and someday own my own graving plant where I will employ and have others work for me and probably establish more stations and employ more people.
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That was their greatest ambition! their highest achievement. And many during that time will look at it too and thought it to also be a great dream/ambition. I could imagine politicians and reputable people of those times donating 1000 new shovels, 100 bulls/farm animals as an act of charity, or empowerment or others to gain public awareness and support. I can imagine the common men even pushing their children "won't you go and apply for a chance to get new shovels?or a new grazing plant, or a new animal and cart to start up you own plant? Or prayer point to be promoted to the post of supervisor in the graving plant company. What a shallow, myopic and mediocre thinking - a kind of ' better mouse trap ' approach to problems of intense hardship of manual labour of those eras

...But look at where we are today; centuries later counting back throughout history, looking at the transformation and advancement our world has experienced in different sectors of society and spheres of human endeavor. Would all these have been possible; I mean would the reality of our day (having automobile vehicles to ease transportation, having internet to ease communication commerce and socialization, etc) have been possible if the highest thinkers and young people of those era's greatest ambition was to own their own graving plant? I bet you no

Tribute to the likes of

: wright brothers (airplane) alexander graham bell(telephone) Henry ford and Karl benze(automobile) charles babbage (computer) etc who in spite of how absurd their thinking seemed to people of those era's, the rebuke discouragement, frustration, rejection they faced trying to create something new that would better those people's life and future generation lives chose to keep moving with courage and willing to die for this course and dream of reinventing and revolutionizing our world.

They would rather be alone than be with family who will discourage them from chasing their dreams. Thanks to them live is much better but are thinking of getting same from next generation? What are you thinking of contributing that would reinvent and change the way we live for the better?

The seed for the advancement of the coming generation and eras are implanted as dreams, ambitions, passion etc in the minds of especially youths of preceding era's/ time. Those seeds of ambitions and dreams that were unconventional and even thought as demonic. Facing threats forcing them to conform to conventions and set limits to the limitless power of how far the mind can imagine and go to conceive a great idea that will define the course of the way we would be living in the future
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Today I was told about how young people in, is it China and/or America are been housed in a theatre all expense paid, researching into the future of aerobatics and petrochemical sources to discover new better ways to power and drive major tools and devices for better living. So they have been sent to the moon and have discovered an element and the chemical combination to produce fuels/petroleum to power industries soon they will monopolize that source of fuel generation and who knows where whether our future lies.

I am talking about youths of Africa am talking about youths of Nigeria we must wake up and stop this mediocre thinking. We must know that just like in the beginning of my article that if the highest ambitions and dreams of the young people of the 16th centuries were to rise from labourer to plant/factory owner, how far would our world have gone in the transformation and advancement we are enjoying today? Our lives metaphysically is beyond our jobs its beyond becoming an employer is beyond making money is about legacy and posterity from inventing and reinventing our world to achieve its ideal state where humanity experience and enjoys a blissful journey experience in the race/sojourn of life. The future of our successors are on our shoulders, the responsibility to develop, grow and drop the seed for the next generation is on us - just like a relay race we are, era by era generation by generation but look at us! we are not running the race, some of us even have dropped the Bart. what are you handing over to the next generation to change/ determine how and what advancement would be defined as by that generation

We must change this better mouse trap thinking approach to issues facing humanity we must start thinking in the capacity of a limitless mind power of conceiving solutions for totally eradicate mouse problems. No one I was telling someone has the power to limit you if you think and approach life from the metaphysical and not social, political, economical and academical it launches you to the realm of the foundation of reality where no one except deep thinkers reside and decide matter about the direction and other of operations and lives of people on earth including the government. Imagine government without internet, airplane, industries etc their power is an assigned power by the population. Our power as individuals, direct access from within into the metaphysical. Where no government, economy or society can inhibit. Rise to this challenge

If you believe in a new Nigeria, if you believe in a new Africa, if you believe in a new world of an ideal society and believe you possess the seed which is the pedestal/raw materials needed for establishing that new order of the future, then let's work towards that.
Thanks for visiting my blog, am @jessicool
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