Good and gore

3년 전


They are, there are two-some of all beings being
There and here there are of cause, there are
There are;
the good and there, the gross
They are, as there are miniondoms, are kings' king

As there goes the darkness, light grows here as
there are the rich there are the poor here as
there are their joys there are their sorrows here are there
as in sorrow there we weep here there
as they rejoice here there
as there for affection there there as affecTAtion is theirs there

There are: the boys here but there are the babes there as
there are the men here but there are wo-men there as
there tussle of sup+eriority there as
here are theirs there worries against inf-eriority here as
the wo-men here buy here and there as
there are men paying here and there as....

Might this snarl, stacked up are known like this own
We wouldn't fight, on valleys on mounts on 'n on
Thus the good being, there has to be evil being in it
Or as evil to come, there need being good's howzit!
Two designs, defining one as another: as sister as brother
Difference's been long not there, twixt the good n' bother.

#love and #indifference, #enmity #poesy #poetry #dyad #life and #death #complexity #yin-yang #good and #evil #heaven #hell #morning and #night #rising and #falling #irony #antithesis #laws of #opposites #forces #light and #darkness

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