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The day we die, eyes will cry (tho' some mouths might smile, grin)
Shrieking - why, why, why... die!
The same would come together reason, disagree n' agree together
To pack the dead… ehn, the dirt so we might not stink n' disturb the being
The same way they do the childless as the facts have had it
The same white shroud they'll do you all with lots of children's
Blessings and offsprings in their hundreds in censuses
All the books you read become uselessness to yourself as you fade
All the vocabularies you know fade with your last pulse as well
Your swift tongue dries as arid plane with no water to waggle on
Your voices as sweet, mellow, authoritative, run on fury into fain
Our certificates, with their high grades and the many titles tagged
Your transition hand bills, postal bills, give last shoulder-high as
They are of waste as well as the monies n' efforts used to get them
The moment dirt covers us dirt and they turn their backs
To the sepulchral cars shall they begin to be as before is that not it?
Begin to feed, to laugh, to dance, to read, to born, to spend like before
Or even beyond before provided we left behind long wills worth
Fighting o'er so... I have grown tired of being knowing even them
Too burying the dead are coming to die for another dead to bury...
As Solomon had it's verity for real it's for vanity for where's my food?

Let me eat to be merry just now as in these ones only be fulfilment
Let me drink wine to rest my head, to wait for the seal to be broken.


#Vanity #dead #death #fulfilment #vexation #struggle #peace #circle #proverb #ecclesiastical #life #truth #fact #tombs #achievement #possession #monies #nothingness

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