3년 전


Something unseen
Came cristal clear to the scene
An always thing
The release
What is this
The goggles
The defaults
Groatesque, deux ex machinas
They are helping angels
Belzebub don't help in the end please
The phobias
The purgations of same
The mouth moulded with unthankful morale
Say thank you
So should I scream first?
The papa said the age is telling
The rest are quizzicallying
But my stance keeps being stronger
Bolder of power
Yellow butterflies
All overs'
Weak in haleness
Stout they are here
Thank you I need no more doubt
If for stunt
Then that's for another sick default
To occur nought
So, an ingrate, I am
The signs are sure enough to suicide for but...
I must have been wrapped of yellow on my...
El-Olam is in charge
New, a new badge is now up the uniform
Regrets no no regrets no no mistakes
A drop of air won't fly past without a sender
A job to accomplish with a message to deliver
Live her
Let her
Go ah!
So is life
A useless better-half
Shan't make my wife
Thank you white butter that flies
Tell Him I am an ingrate but am thankful
Here is where curses
Fly freely in the mid of the day and the night with glimmer giggles
The cliffs
Of weary ramparts
But with...
I shall survive of His wit
But cos zero's thanked Jehovah complete
We are all a big butty tits; of grave ingrate
But because I am trying in this pit
The 'tamat' of it
All this; shall smell so sweet
So soonest.
#poetry #ascendedmasters #weird... #angels

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