3년 전

lf this poem is too long
That may be suicidal

But suicide breaks your lung
and kills your communion pal :

I understand I don't understand
The parental pressure you face:

The study stress choking around
you homesickness from loneliness

The love affairs - crashes in trust
Rejection after being used for fun

The liquor you gulp to look hot
as the drug abuse to be apt on

The emotional issues stirred from
expectations way too high to bear

The sleepless voices to your ear drum
as well as the blurry visions yeah!

Life has no meaning now indeed
But death cannot solve this you know?
Your loss is like the fall of a galaxy
One filled with billions of life force of hers
Taking your life will only make the world worse check
But living on hope and forbearance heals the future check

Your plight cannot be the worst,
Ask around you'd see
Your condition cannot be the stupidest, so take your time.

Breathe your breath and sigh
Take up your light very high
Chest out like a warrior to battle
Win your wars both far and nigh

Have hope I say
Stand still I pray

Having fallen, rise up just try
Take up your mantle to testify

Say 'no to suicide today'
I say "no to suicide today."



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